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31 juli 2017

Am just instaling to tray how its work dhen i rating .recomend to my frends.

Ms Sport Tech
Ongeveer 2 maanden gebruiken de app
23 april 2018

I am just now installing the app so I can not give it a fair rank. I only did it to extend my free trial 7 days

Critics Say Yes
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Ongeveer 2 maanden gebruiken de app
4 april 2019

Customer Service team are excellent in helping you set things up. They helped me fix a few Issues that weren’t directly related to their app

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Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 28 december 2020

Not what I thought. Much too expensive for what it does. And why do they put a music track on their "how to use" video instead of actually explaining how to use it?? Furthermore, there are probably far more negative reviews than are shown on these pages, because they send emails begging you to remove negative reviews, but don't even address the content of what you discussed.

Carla Miller Design
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Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
12 april 2018

Awesome! Thank you guys for all the help!!

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1 dag gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 29 december 2016

I have return to update on my review on using the app for a couple of days now it has not performed well. It is very slow and does not find the name of your product easily especially branded products. The screen where you you look up the product is too small therefore, you cannot see the full name and end up clicking on the wrong item. the app is still a little fiddly and some work needs to be done to rectify this. Unfortunately it has not been unsuccessful for our business.
the customer service is excellent as Amit was there to help me get it up and running on my store and he stayed with it until I understood how to navigate around the app and instagram.

thank you so much Amit once these issues have been resolved I it will deserve a 5*

Lifetime Intemacy
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Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
26 december 2019

This app is a no Bueno customer services is non- existent I'm getting charged without getting any assistance.

FemGraPh Fashion
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19 dagen gebruiken de app
Expert Village Media Technologies heeft geantwoord 26 mei 2021

Sorry to hear that you had bad experience with our customer support. :(

We have improved our support a lot since then and now we have a dedicated team to provide support for this app. The app has been improved a lot in terms of feature set as well so as to provide you lots of new options for Shoppable Instagram. Hope you will reconsider Cameo again soon.

Team Expert Village Media.

3 mei 2018

im so excited this app is amazeing it does what it says

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Ongeveer 17 uur gebruiken de app
12 januari 2017

I Don't want to say its the best app yet, but with this support team it sure makes you feel that way. Highly Recommended!

Premier Choice
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Ongeveer 12 uur gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 3 mei 2018

The application doesn't work. Support contacted me LAST WEEK and he never contacted me again to help fix it!!!!!!

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8 dagen gebruiken de app