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25 september 2023

Been great so far, giving customers better rates to ship to Canada and taking the work off my plate to do so!

Frictitious Climbing
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23 juli 2023

Exceptional and personal service by BorderBuddy marked every step of our process as we worked together to get a shipment out to Canada quickly. Monte provided quick step by step instructions to fix our issue, had great insight into the Shopify process, and identified where our problems lay, PLUS he stayed in contact consistently to ensure our journey through the process was a success. We are grateful for the assistance and we are blown away with how EASY it has now been to use BorderBuddy to ship through per Canadian customer order and invoice. Best business decision we have made to date to use BorderBuddy to increase our sales to Canada and beyond. 100% satisfied.
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17 januari 2023

We started using Border Buddy 8+ months ago and it has been super smooth and convenient. They send the label and customs info and make the whole process way more straightforward and cheaper than shipping any other way that we have tried. No issues with any shipments either. Would definitely recommend!

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24 februari 2023

This is a fantastic app. We struggled for years trying to find a way to minimize the high brokerage rates and import fees charged by the major freight carriers. We tried negotiating with the carriers but that did not yield the desired results. We sell business to business, so many of our customers are used to the high fees but we still got complaints from a few angry customers. When I found BorderBuddy I was skeptical and thought there must be a catch. I was able to talk to a member of the BorderBuddy team. He was friendly, helpful and responsive. The process of adding the app to our website was quick and easy with no glitches. We immediately started seeing results. The documentation we receive to process our shipments to Canada is perfect. In the beginning, I checked every order to see if there were any extra fees included. The fees charged were exactly as expected and the shipping rates were even less than offered without BorderBuddy. After adding BorderBuddy we have seen an increase in our Canadian orders, so our customers seem to be happy with it as well.

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8 mei 2023

Very easy app to work with especially because customer service is so Helpful. Monty is the Man!!! Thank you!

For the Love of Golf Naples
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19 mei 2023

Monty is amazing! Such a simple and trouble free way to ship to Canada. We love the transparency and ease of using this service.

Artillery Works Co
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25 januari 2023

Highly recommend this company. Been working with border buddies since April of 2022 and they have been reliable and communicative the entire time. We’ve encountered various random issues that were attended to and resolved in a very timely manner. I feel more comfortable knowing my orders being sent to Canada are under their care.

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Bewerkt 22 februari 2023

I have only shipped about 10 products using BorderBuddy but I am beyond impressed with how it’s going so far. Very responsive customer service team! I have tried all the other DDP shipping apps (easyship, flavorcloud, zonos, etc) Since I am currently only shipping to US and Canada, BorderBuddy is perfect. Usually when I ship an international order I receive a call from UPS asking me to resubmit my Commercial invoices after I have already attached them to the box. With BorderBuddy they handle everything. I shipped my package and the package arrives to the customer without me receiving any calls or having any issues. So far it’s great! Very efficient. I will continue to use BorderBuddy with all my Canada shipments! I’m looking forward to expansion so we can get into other countries as well!

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31 januari 2023

BorderBuddy has truly changed the game. Our customers are SO appreciative of not getting hit with random fees upon delivery. The team is also incredibly kind and helpful. This makes importing goods to Canada seamless. Thank you BB!

Whole Phonics™
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Bewerkt 23 februari 2022

Border Buddy has really transformed the way we do business with our friends in Canada! We run a small startup out of the US and due to the products we sell, we get a healthy percentage of our sales from Canadian customers. Shipping to Canada before Border Buddy resulted in unexpected import fees passed onto our customers (upwards of 80%-90% of the order total) or lost packages somewhere between the US and Canada (to the tune of 40% of our orders to CA). Border Buddy makes the process as easy as clicking a button on the customer's end and as easy as sending us a label and pre-filled customs form. There are no unexpected fees or issues since using Border Buddy! Monty has been a true pleasure to work with as we sorted through a couple of misses on my end during setup and has even helped us on a couple of critical shipments!!

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