Canary ‑ AI Chatbot

Canary ‑ AI Chatbot

door Yellow Messenger

Conversational Commerce Chatbot for Sales and Customer Support

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Smart Shopping Assistant

Enhance customer's buying experience with personalised recommendations.

Automated Customer Service

Automate customer service by replicating your customer support agent into the chatbot.

Customer Analytics

Get insights on customer requirements and keep improving the user experience.

Over Canary ‑ AI Chatbot

Canary is a conversational commerce Chatbot that helps you sell your products and services as well as offer customer support on your website. Enrich your customer's experience with conversational commerce. Yellow Messenger's conversational ai is powered by a proprietary natural language processing engine that enables Canary to you manage your storefront, sales, marketing, and customer engagement across channels, all from a single interface.

Canary helps you launch your omnichannel eCommerce chatbot right outside the box. With Canary, you can increase your customer’s lifetime value by enriching their experience constantly. Derive insights from natural language conversations at scale and implement executable strategies on the fly.

Canary is easy to set up and can be used as a Progressive Web App or by installing the plug-in on your browser.

Top Features - Suggest products by replicating your best salesperson. - Personalise shopping experience based on user persona and preferences. - Automate customer support and be available for your customers 24*7. - Understand customer satisfaction with automated surveys. - Self-learning loop to enhance intelligence. - Gather customer insights and keep improving the experience. - Available as a Progressive Web App (PWA) and Website Plug-in.

Why reinvent the wheel? Pick from the industry’s best! - Predefined sales flow: Curated and tested conversational flows, that will help your customers choose the right product for them with no friction - Prebuilt surveys: Make use of tailor-made pre-defined conversational surveys and reach out to the customers for feedback, promotion, and other cues - Retail NLP model: We’ve trained the NLP to work for you. Understand the requirements and sentiment of the users from their queries built specifically for retail.

Security is our top priority - Data Encryption: All conversations and related data are end-to-end encrypted in transit and at rest. - Compliance: ISO 27001 certified with features like PII masking and routine purging for enhanced security - Authentication: Support for single sign-on and access to data only based on user roles and permissions.



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