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10 juli 2023

Amazing! I was looking for an In-Cart Upsell not a Post Up-sell. Within 5min of installing it we had our first In-Cart UPsell. My only problem was the monthly charge, it was different to what the app said it would be. They reached out to see if i was happy and told them of the dilemma and they instantly fixed it by sending me a link. If you haven't tried this app your missing out in sales, forget the abandoned cart emails and followups and Post Up-Sells, this is definitely a working app and you will recoup your monies within the day. Thank you guys keep up the good work!

Whitsunday Myrtle
13 dagen gebruiken de app
25 april 2022

For a low AOV store, this app is amazing to encourage customers into bundles. The customer service is responsive and flexible in meeting your needs to match the upsells to the store design.

Hood Greetings
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Meer dan een jaar gebruiken de app
4 augustus 2022

This is the absolute best app I have ever used for Upsell's. I would highly recommend it for boosting your AOV. It is sleek, modern, and fits in with any theme, plus it's easy to use. Plus the support team at Digismoothie is fantastic, this is a must have app!

Monke Boy
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Meer dan een jaar gebruiken de app
12 augustus 2020

Fantastic customer support. App developer answers messages promptly. Will recommend. UI seems simple enough so far. Pricing is attractive, too.

Eat Makhana
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10 maanden gebruiken de app
26 september 2020

Conversion % of this app is absolutely best compared to other upsell apps we have tried. Candy Cart is currently making 50% of our sales and I think that is awesome. Very well designed app and the user experience is seamless. Customer service 10/10.

Social Media Calendar
8 maanden gebruiken de app
9 november 2019

We have tried almost all of the major upsells apps for Shopify and Candy Cart is really the best one we have found if you cannot or do not want to implement a custom checkout gateway like OneClickUpsell. It's also way cheaper!

The popup is great looking and easy to use on both mobile and desktop, it's power is the ability to offer many types of upsells in one single popup. Consider installing this app now when the price is low as it will surely go up soon. The customer support is among the best we have experienced with a Shopify app, very fast responses.

It's almost the perfect upsell app for us and we have just requested 2 small features to be added which the team has informed us they are working on. One being different quantity upsells (buy 3 for the price of 2 etc) and the other being able to fire the popup on load of the cart page, not only when clicking the "checkout" button.

For anyone wondering why they should pick this one over their other popular upsell app Candy Rack, it is because with this upsell app different levels of discount offers are STACKABLE. It is also better to fire upsells at checkout rather than at add to cart click, because add to cart action is better for lead collection such as FB Messenger opt-in so abandon cart sequences can be sent later etc.

Anabolic Health
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4 maanden gebruiken de app
14 maart 2021

I love Candy Rack Apps , they are just good . Well Since i am in different time zone sometimes minor performance issue do occur . But its fine its a minor tradeoff for business value .. 5 stars to this app and candy rack team

The Food Folks
3 maanden gebruiken de app
4 augustus 2020

I was in search of an app that would help with upsell in the least intrusive way and Candy Cart seemed the perfect fit. I struggled with making the app work with our store's theme. I received the most amazing help from this app's support team. Wow! I'm so impressed. They sure understand the definition of customer service. Thank you!

Verenigde Staten
2 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 1 mei 2021

So easy to use, can be run through and active in minutes, love testing new apps that take no coding experience, it's a great way to upsell on your store even just for a promotion. @tuckandbundle

Tuck and Bundle
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2 maanden gebruiken de app
22 augustus 2021

This app is a must have. Install it and watch your average over value increase overnight. It's a no brainer and the minimal and simple layout of the app makes it a perfect fit in any store. Great customer support as well, just try the app you won't regret it

Gravity Case
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