Carro: Sell More, Together

Carro: Sell More, Together

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Dropship Leading DTC brands + Instagram Influencer Marketing

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Collaborate With Top Brands

Sell your products on other Shopify stores and carry new, related products from your brand partners. Increase AOV, acquire new customers!

Grow Your Brand with Partners

Increase sales through shared customer journeys and mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers and other brands.

Discover Your Influencers

Reveal all the influencers who are engaging with your brand, streamline influencer gifting, and track your brand’s mentions on social.

Over Carro: Sell More, Together

Discover, Collaborate & Grow

What is Carro?

Carro is a sales channel that enables brands to sell more products and increase brand awareness through beneficial partnerships.

Discover influencers who already love your brand, or find related Shopify stores so that you can create collaborations that drive growth.

With our influencer marketing tools, Carro reveals all of the influencers and press that are your brand’s customers, subscribers, and fans. From there, Carro makes it as easy as possible to work with influencers, communicate, and distribute products to them, so that you can pick the right influencers and create meaningful partnerships.

How Influencer Partnerships Work

  1. Download Carro and connect your data sources.
  2. Carro scans for influencers engaging with your brand.
  3. You’re notified as soon as influencers are found!
  4. Collaborate, send products, and see the posts your brand is tagged in!

With Influencer Partnerships, you can find the influencers who are interacting with your brand, invite them to collaborate, and ship the products they need to create content.

We've made everything streamlined and efficient so that you won't lose time maintaining spreadsheets or answering countless emails.

Instead, influencers can easily create content that mentions your brand. We'll track that for you too!

Go to the Mentions tab to see all the posts your brand is tagged in.

How Brand Partnerships Work - Limited Release

  1. Download Carro and set up your profile.
  2. Browse the Brand Directory and find retail partners.
  3. Start your partnership with a proposal
  4. Sell products on other Shopify stores!

Brand Partnerships is the easiest way to partner with top-selling Shopify stores to sell each other’s products. Be a retailer, supplier, or both. It’s the ultimate co-marketing & co-branding solution, with both brands getting the lifetime value of each customer whenever something sells through their partnership.

Why You Should Download Carro

  1. Influencers who love your brand are excited to work with you and aren’t as costly to engage with. Their content will be more genuine and will resonate with their followers better than any “outside” influencer that you’ve worked with.
  2. You shouldn’t be in the dark! We let you know when an influencer, press/media, or another brand wants to work with you and engages with your brand.
  3. Increase Average Order Value, expand your product catalog, and acquire new customers with Brand Partnerships.
  4. It’s FREE to get started!

Support & Feedback

  • We have a team of software engineers in Orange County, CA, to build the perfect app for our partners.
  • We value feedback from our brand partners -- your feature requests can impact our product roadmap!
  • Reach us via live chat & email

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4.4 van 5 sterren

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Sam Kolder Shop

As a creator, i've been wanting to develop my own store but didn't have the time to source and warehouse quality products. With Carro's Brand Partnership, I have been able to to stand up a new store full of my favorite products and brands while driving significant revenue with little to no cost. The process was seamless and the entire team has bee great!

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

12 november 2020

Thanks! We love working with you, Sam. :)

22 Days Nutrition

Such an amazing app! Through their influencer platform, we found so many influencers that were already customers! Thank you!

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

4 november 2020

We're so happy that you are enjoying it! Be sure to try out Brand Partnerships as well! Thanks for your support :)