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21 luglio 2015

The service would probably work fine if you have a very basic store. However in my case I have items with several variants and it caused serious problems. I paid for the insurance so I would have the two weeks of support and 2 extra migrations.

The two extra migrations would be great if you kept updating your old site and wanted to refresh the new one as you are working on it. This is not the case however. Whenever their support (more on them later) changes something you have to use a migration to test it and see if it works. Needless to say it gets used up quick.

Their support is foreign, which is not really a surprise. However they have zero phone support only if you want to buy, they have a sales person you can talk to. The online support people do not talk or type rather very good English. It takes 5x longer than it should to tell them what you want and for them to respond back with something reasonable. It also seems like they take no support notes. To top it all of they cannot really do anything. You have to wait for them to relay a message to their techs, which are also foreign and on the other side of the world. So just getting a response from a tech takes 24 hours.

Overall it was nice that it brought in my old orders. However after much stress and hours of wasted time with their support who still does not understand why it was not working. Needless to say I decided to the product part of my migration manually and it was a breeze. Shopify even has a page that tells you what each field is. If you can use OpenOffice Calc then you can do it yourself.

On a closing note, their policy is that they do not give any refunds unless their techs cannot figure out the problem. 12 days later they still could not figure out my problem and refuse to give me a refund :(

Pec Vape Shop
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1 novembre 2017

Crap service. Run away.

Export your .csv files and do your own migration.
I paid a lot of money, and they made a mistake in my service. Now they ask me to pay more to they fix for me.

[RUN AWAYYYY OF Cart2cart services]

13 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
31 agosto 2016


The app had bugs and did not migrate correctly, when I asked for help it took them ages to reply. Re-migration of course costs as well and could not fix the error. I ended up not being able to ask for a refund because it is NOT REFUNDABLE.


Bosnia ed Erzegovina
11 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
29 giugno 2016

I have had nothing but trouble with my attempted migration from Volusion to Shopify. I have spent the last week, waiting for live chat to tell me one thing only to have email support tell me something else. I realize they are based in Ukraine but even working on their time schedule they were not able to get my categories transferred over. Not working was one thing but support is all over the place I had to tell the same story over and over and it seemed like they had no idea what was going on half the time. I will be requesting a full refund for filing a chargeback, because of this service being so slow and not working my migration is a week behind.

Brothers With Glass
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11 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
1 maggio 2018

This app is useless. Be careful to use.

First of all, it will erase all of your previous SEO work. And they never tell you that. Then, after migration, you still need to rewrite/reformat all the descriptions of each item because they are totally different formats from two platforms. Again, they never tell you this. Third, during/after migration, it will generate a lot of useless emails/pages.

In a word, it's better to do the website again by yourself. It's very fast. This app cost me over $160, and useless.

Www Usaoptfashion Com
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4 novembre 2017

Be very careful using this app! When migration from woocommerce to shopify they install your images wrong. They use the folder "Assets" instead of "Files" which will make you lose everything you ever did the moment you delete old themes. Its not the proper way to upload files (images) and it will destroy your entire site.

We lost everything and had to hand upload each image (5k photos)

Colorval Llc
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3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
15 marzo 2018

Not for us. Seemed like it would work well to migrate standard attributes, but for payment - which takes place on their platform - they asked for a official photo id (passport / drivers license) and copy of a credit card -- not sure why this is so invasive, we passed on sending this information overseas.

Nancy Rose Performance
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5 febbraio 2018

oh my goodness. I called with a questions and the guy was so rude. He told me he only answered questions about pre-enrollment. That other questions needed to be handled with chat. Of course I had already tried that avenue and didn't recieve any communication for 25 minutes.CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!

Lonesome Pine Quilts
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9 febbraio 2023

Bad and very unpleasant customer service. 30 minutes of chat, for simple questions. They say they'll get back to you by email, but I'm still waiting.

Moreover, when you delete the application, it is still present on your store. The chat support is unable to explain why and give a solution.

Circa 2 ore di utilizzo dell’app
2 agosto 2017

OMG ridiculously expensive! They want to charge more than $100 per hour and act like it'll take forever and they're manually migrating things.

1800marketer Com
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