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24 giugno 2024

We signed up for the service migration package and paid over $1000 to help us speed up and streamline the migration from our magento store, unfortunately we are on day 12 and we have not yet had one full migration, it stops and technical support takes a very long time to be able to respond. We are ready for any help they need from our side, and requested they call anytime. Sales support is quick and 24/7, but it doesn't help because they keep telling you they will give it through to tech support so there is a big lag and delay in communication and execution. We thought they were in Canada or the US as stated on the app page so we can be on the time zone. It appears they are not. Our business is depended on a timely migration because it is a live store, with active customers and sales. We have to disable the firewall and security on our live magento while they run the migration, and it puts our live site at risk and makes the performance very low and slow. We have struggled for almost two weeks now to attempt to communicate that we need them to please prioritise help when a migration starts. It has been very stressful and frustrating. I think they could have a great app, but the practical implementation and available tech support for a live online store with high risk of loss with days of delay this is not an advisable option.

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14 giugno 2024

Yo ya había importado los productos de mi tienda en Ecwid cuando descubrí Cart2Cart. Por consiguiente, sólo seleccioné importación de Clientes y Pedidos.

Cuando la importación terminó, descubrí que los Pedidos no estaban conectados a los Productos, a pesar de que cada Producto tiene un SKU único al que hacían referencia los pedidos en Ecwid. Cuando le informé acerca de este problema a soporte de Cart2Cart, me dijeron que, como no había seleccionado importación de Productos, no se habían hecho las conexiones de Productos con Pedidos y que, para poder conectarlos, debía pagar US$150 adicionales a los $98.40 que ya había pagado (en los que, dicho sea de paso, estaba incluida una tarifa bastante alta para preservar los números de Pedido originales ¿?).

Sin embargo, ese no fue el único problema que encontré con la importación. En Ecwid había Pedidos que fueron obsequios (el descuento era igual al monto del pedido) y, en Shopify, quedaron registrados como Pedidos con monto pendiente de pago.

Adicionalmente, todos los clientes suscritos a los comunicados automáticos de Ecwid se importaron en Shopify como no suscritos. Además, la mayoría de mis clientes están en Costa Rica y no tienen dirección física registrada ni teléfono. El proceso de Cart2Cart "inventó" datos: les agregó un número de teléfono falso, país Estados Unidos, estado Nueva York y ciudad Nueva York.

Cuando exporté los datos de clientes para corregir esos problemas, descubrí que un campo "Notas" estaba lleno de texto con fines de línea que impedían el correcto reconocimiento de los registros a la hora de subirlos a Excel, por lo que tuve que editar cientos de registros manualmente para eliminar ese texto y poder corregir los datos para volver a subir los datos correctos en Shopify.

En resumen, ha sido una absoluta pesadilla el proceso. No lo recomiendo para nada.

Koiné Store
Costa Rica
3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
29 maggio 2024

Je ne recommande pas du tout cette application pour une Migration Prestashop vers Shopify.
Le support est inexistant et il faut payer des suppléments pour tout car rien n'est prévu de base pour Prestashop.
Développeur peu scrupuleux qui refuse de rembourser alors que la migration n'a pas fonctionnée sous prétexte qu'il existe une version de demo de 10 produits gratuite qui elle fonctionne.
Utilisez des tableaux CSV vous gagnerez du temps.

My Podologie
12 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
24 gennaio 2024

The app has limited functionality, is cumbersome, is expensive, and especially the customer support staff is unresponsive.

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25 marzo 2016

The absolute worst user experience and service. The flow of this product is so terrible because it tricks you into continuously looping through setup so that it can continue to charge your card, and it also adds "migration insurance" (whatever that is" onto your card. The people who run the support are 0 helpful, I'm not even sure they work at this company.

Naked Truth 2
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Quasi 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 26 novembre 2018


It's been a week that we are trying to sort the migration. They said the migration is done. When I looked at the data, the entries were wrong: the order totals were wrong, the amount spent by customers were wrong, the items sold were wrong, and many more. The turnaround is so slow. They also said that I needed to pay more if I wanted to keep the order number. This is a horrible app. A headache. I was hoping that this would help solve the migration. Now, I may have to unwind the whole migration. Terrible customer service turnaround. It's been almost a week and we are still not done with the migration. I am trying to get a refund. What a headache. Don' buy. IT WILL MESS UP YOUR DATABASE.

Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 26 gennaio 2019

Didn't swap variants over. Lost a lot of profits. Due to variants pricing. All options with variants basically had to redo over. Highly Suggest not doing if you have variants!

Kurtis Tice Auto
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26 settembre 2019

Ive been trying to transfer my information, the Technicians are NEVER there, they can't transfer without the technicians, I live in Canada and by the time I wake up the technicians are out of the office, and by the time I sleep they aren't there yet. They have all these employees but no one that can actually help you with the migration.

Holistic Thingz
12 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Cart2Cart ha risposto 30 settembre 2019

We are extremely sorry for the delays with your migration. It is completely our fault that we failed to inform you about the timing - customized migrations require a lot more time than the automated ones.

Let us assure you that our technicians are working on your migration and will go above and beyond to meet all your migration requirements in the shortest possible time, in spite of the time differences.

Kind regards,
Cart2Cart Team

3 aprile 2019

POOR order migration service
While it was importing, It was stopped at certain period, and requested to run again. they did send all customer and text message notification turned ON
and all the customers got tons of email and order confirmation text messages....some customers were received text messages for few hours

This was DISASTER !!!!

Gorilla Paper Inc / Gorilla Supply
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11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Cart2Cart ha risposto 3 aprile 2019

We totally understand your frustration, and apologise for the situation with unwanted messages for your clients.

Unfortunately, our technical engineers couldn't help it, since the situation has been caused by the specific setting of the "Shopify Flow" plugin installed on your Shopify store.

Our support team has emailed to you the details showing how to disable the setting to stop the notifications.

Best regards,
Cart2Cart Team

28 agosto 2015

BY FAR THE WORST APP AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS INSANELY HORRIBLE!! My import was done incorrectly and their company is located in Ukraine so if you want customer service you have to contact them at like 4-5 AM USA Eastern time and regardless they don't have a tech team that actually knows what they're doing, they have to outsource it somewhere else! If you email them with a question they get back to you 24 hours later, just ridiculous!! I told them I want my money back numerous times and they just won't refund it to me so I have to file a chargeback just like many other people have like I read online... Don't take it from me, just google cart2cart reviews and you'll see how many upset customers there are! I wish I saw all those reviews before I paid my hard earned money that they won't even refund now! DO NOT GO WITH THESE PEOPLE!!

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