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Transform Your Business With An Immersive Virtual Store

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Link Matterport Scan

Quickly link your Matterport scan of your retail space, tradeshow booth or showroom. No scan? No problem. You can request one in the app.

Add Product Viewing Tags

With your Matterport scan linked, simply navigate through your store and click to link the Mattertags to all your products you wish to sell.

Link and Sell

Linked products become instantly available inside your Cart360 storefront with direct checkout. Share your immersive store to start selling.

Over Cart360

Open Your Virtual Storefront

Cart360 provides your customers an immersive store experience which we are all craving after such a long period of time stuck at home.

As main street has shut their doors due to COVID-19, Cart360 allows them to open their virtual doors. Cart360 is a revolutionary new way to sell online for both direct-to-consumer, wholesalers, distributors, and even trade-shows. Cart360 instantly integrates Matterport scans to create an immersive shopping experience.

Merchants Will:

  • Insert Matterport store scan link in the app. Before linking ensure Mattertags are placed. Note: Matterport scans can be scheduled for your store if you don't have one.
  • Click to link Cart360 tags to your products
  • Add the Cart360 generated virtual store link to your Shopify page
  • Open your virtual storefront doors for your customers

Customers Can:

  • Walk your virtual store in 360-degree
  • Click to view your products, details and media
  • Add products to cart directly in Cart360 storefront
  • Checkout from the Cart360 storefront

Don't Have a Physical Store To Scan?

No problem. You can stage your products in a showroom, booth, or their typical environment.

Imagine a whole new way you can allow your customers to shop.

For example, if you are selling gym equipment, perhaps stage your products at a gym. Clickable Cart360 tags would be added for just your products in the space and those would be linked to allow customers to walk the gym, see your products in their natural environment, click to learn more and add to cart for direct checkout.

No more shopping in 2D, it is time to let your customers experience your products in 3D with Cart360.

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Gratis te installeren

5% of Cart360 sales billed monthly. If you do not have a Matterport scan, one can be scheduled (priced separately).

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