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21 de março de 2023

Works perfectly. Simple solution for an order value discount and free product offer! One click install and you are ready to go.

Tour de Tietema
Países Baixos
16 de março de 2023

few clicks and it's done, thanks a lot! I was searching for something like this bot like about an hour :D

Pet Central
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 2 minutes
9 de março de 2023

This bot is easy to use and works well. I wanted my buy x get y discount to apply automatically to checkout rather than having a customer need to manually add the item to the cart. There is no way to automatically add the item with the basic shopify tools, but now it is working exactly how I wanted. Thank you!

Side Quest Games and Accessories
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 7 minutes
6 de março de 2023

My Experience: I was annoyed with the limited options for automatic discounts in Shopify. I was looking for an app to solve my problem and first came across one with a high monthly cost. Then I discovered CartBot, configured it in under 2 minutes and became very happy. Thank you Goldendev!

Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 22 minutes
26 de fevereiro de 2023

Really Helpful! Thank you for making this app. I have been able to implement a deposit program with multiple resources to easily refund on the back end.

Foggy Bottoms Boys
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 6 minutes
24 de fevereiro de 2023

easy to use, straight to the point. I like it. Recommend it to everyone who needs to add products automatically. Literally cost me 1 minute.

Países Baixos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 20 days
24 de fevereiro de 2023

Worked flawlessly and perfectly first try only took a couple minutes to setup. Great app! Thanks guys

HEMPHONEY by Hemp with a Cause
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 3 minutes
23 de fevereiro de 2023

adding/ selecting products is a bit difficult. does not show the products when product type and sku is typed. so it is difficult

Kerala Shopi
Reino Unido
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 2 months
Questão respondida por Goldendev 27 de fevereiro de 2023

Hi, we have sent you an email about this a few days ago, as we have just released an update to the app. The new version of the app now uses the new product selector, which means that you should be able to select the products more easily :)
We are looking forward to your reply so that we can see if this also resolved your issue :)

15 de fevereiro de 2023

Works like a charm. It works great when using automatic discount that can be apply when the product to added by the bot.

Zenhub Swag Store
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 4 minutes
12 de fevereiro de 2023

nice app. works perfect. highly recommended. In fact, very helpful for startups. Go ahead and install.

Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 3 months