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7 maart 2024

If you’re looking for an app with responsive team, you have landed in the correct place. Although new and upcoming this app represents cutting edge technology to reduce your time spent on alt text for images. Not only will the app create meaningful text for your collection pages, but each product will receive a unique and accurate description. Although AI is new and rising quickly in the industry, this team has managed to capture all the essential elements. Their dedication to performance is impressive. I have been waiting a long time as my store has over 5500 images at any given time, but over 400 are added monthly, this app has been my savior. I absolutely want to be compliant with ADA requirements. The bulk automation feature is seriously handy, the history documentation, and the simplistic settings all allow for customization to fit the needs of individual shops. The manual generation is friendly with easy editing when needed. These guys rock this concept, not only that, but they are eager to hear from their users towards the implementation of what makes their users satisfied. I have had the pleasure of working with them as a collaborative member to get my unique needs met, which is refreshing, welcoming, and satisfying. You would not believe the SEO kick I have witnessed with testing an organic search and the display of my collection images. This took just one week. These guys are constantly improving their app. They are serious about these improvements and most of all they complete them in a timely manner. Who could ask for more? Did I mention pay as you go, no monthly fee ~ A merchant's dream team! Install this app, you will be so pleased across the board!
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Parkfield AI heeft geantwoord 9 maart 2024

Diane, thank you for your glowing review! Collaborating with you has been an absolute delight for our entire team as we strive to enhance's product offerings and overall usability. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we're grateful for the opportunity to work together toward making the best AI app we can to empower Shopify merchants.

6 februari 2024

At first I wasn't sure exactly what this does, but I didn't know I needed this! Does a better job than I could and INSTANTLY when generating image texts, does all the brain work for me. Love the bulk option where I can do these in batches as well. Wish more people were aware of the importance of meta descriptions so they realize how helpful this is! love caseo and would definitely recommend

VP Nutrition
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Parkfield AI heeft geantwoord 12 februari 2024

Thank you for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear you're enjoying your experience with Should you need assistance or have suggestions for new features, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!

29 november 2023

We've only run this app on a portion of our photos so far and its been GREAT! A huge help in updating SEO - a task that would otherwise take a lot of our time. Caseo A.I ALT has saved us some tedious work AND it ensures we're not missing out on thorough descriptions. Plus - the customer service has been stellar. Looking forward to using it on more of our images - Thanks Parkfield!

Pinetree Garden Seeds
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Parkfield AI heeft geantwoord 3 december 2023

That's awesome to hear! 🎉 So glad Caseo A.I ALT is taking the pain out of SEO and saving you time. It's great that our customer service is hitting the mark too. Can't wait to see how it works for the rest of your images!

11 december 2023

This app is a valuable tool that has drastically reduced the amount of time spent on a task I used to find boring and tedious. Very easy to use and the accuracy and detail of the descriptions is also seriously impressive. Parkfield’s customer service is always exceptional. I’m very happy to recommend this app.

Drake Waterfowl
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Parkfield AI heeft geantwoord 13 december 2023

Thank you so much, guys! We're so happy to hear the app is performing how dreamt it to be for merchants! Let us know if you need anything at all!

9 januari 2024

This is such a great app. Time saving and actually quite fun. We love the easy interface. And we were able to implement so many edits.

Time is money. SEO takes a lot of work, and this app is absolutely brilliant. It also gives you opportunities to regenerate until you get the SEO text that you want to go with too.

Very hard to find an SEO app that works flawlessly. And this is it!

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Parkfield AI heeft geantwoord 12 januari 2024

Glad you're loving the app!! This puts a huge smile on our faces. It's awesome to hear that it saves you time on your SEO work, this is exactly why we built it.

21 november 2023

This tool has revolutionized our product presentation at Melinda's Hot Sauce. This Shopify app efficiently generates accurate, SEO-friendly alt texts, enhancing our site's accessibility and search visibility. It's an invaluable time-saver and a game-changer for any online store and we are very excited to see this app grow.

Melinda's Foods
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Parkfield AI heeft geantwoord 3 december 2023

Thank you! Super glad to hear that our app is performing well for Melinda's! We really appreciate your excitement and support!

8 november 2023

This app makes short work of adding alt tags throughout our site. Credits are really affordable and we love the model where you only pay for what you need. Parkfield is also really helpful if we need support, and they seem to be invested in continuing to improve the app. Not sure yet how much of a natural search boost we will get but Google seems to be placing more and more importance on accessibility so getting our alt tags completed can only help with SEO.

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Parkfield AI heeft geantwoord 11 november 2023

We're glad to hear you're enjoying the app and it's been a timesaver for you! We're here if you need anything.