Cash on delivery verification

Cash on delivery verification

作成: Onjection Labs pvt Ltd

COD confirmation via automated IVR calls

Order Verification via call

Automate your IVR Call & Whatsapp to verify the COD and Pre-paid Orders. Supports calls in mutliple languages and multiple accents.

Follow-up calling feature

Trigger Follow-up calls (up to 2) by selecting time intervals if your buyer doesn't answer the first call.

Tags for COD verified orders

Order verification tag (Order Verified, COD Canceled, etc) will be automatically updated on your Shopify store.

Cash on delivery verificationの詳細情報

Explore your business in more than 220 countries worldwide with the help of our app. Using our plugin, you can ensure that your COD orders are legitimate before you ship them out.

Verify customer's contact number and take their confirmation regarding the order while using cash on delivery payment. Supports multiple languages and accents.

How does this app work?

There are four mode are available:

  • Voice Call Mode: When COD Order will placed than app will check the mode if there is voice call mode than app will dials the customer for confirm the order than order will confirmed base on customers input.

  • WhatsApp Mode: Customer will received an SMS immediately after COD order placed with a message, which contains order summary as well as options to Confirm or Cancel button.

  • Voice Call & WhatsApp Mode: In case order remains pending even after confirmation call attempts, app will send an WhatsApp message to confirm the order.

  • OTP Mode: After choosing to pay via COD, the customer is redirected to an order confirmation page. On this page, the customer has to enter the OTP (sent to their mobile via WhatsApp) to confirm their order.

Smart Features, Simple to use:

  • Enable COD IVR Feature: One-click enable & disable the option to automate the IVR call verification.
  • Manage your IVR call-template: Set your welcome note, order confirmation and cancellation message for call. Option to use your pre-recorded audio instead of computerized IVR.
  • Enable Follow-up calling option: Trigger follow-up calls (up to 2) if your customer doesn't answer the first call.
  • Do Not Disturb feature: Set the preferred time when no IVR call will be placed.
  • IVR Call for a minimum order amount: Enable IVR Call by setting a minimum or maximum order amount limit for your COD orders.
  • Tag for COD Verified Orders: Create various tags like Order confirmed, Order canceled, which will be added to the orders on Shopify after the IVR Call confirmation.
  • Manage Your IVR call-template by Audio: Set your welcome note, order confirmation and cancellation message for call in your regional language using your own recorded voice.
  • AUTOMATED WhatsApp message templates - Verify Cash on Delivery (COD) order confirmation via WhatsApp Message.




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Vedic Vitals

Great App with great customer support. Ayush is really supportive in all the queries. Much recommended app for all ecommerce.

The Application is very Good. Very Good Support. My Issues got resolved immediately. Thanks for the support team.


mr. Nitesh Saini helped me regarding app in very professional way..
must use.
.mr. Nitesh Saini helped me regarding app in very professional way..
must use..