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App perfetta per aggiungere il pagamento in contrassegno anche nella pagina di pagamento.. Poi l'assistenza è SUPER!

Releasitが返信しました 2022年7月19日

Grazie mille per la recensione, gentilissimi!

Buone vendite!

Marco da Releasit


L'app funziona benissimo e mi è molto utile che mi permette di vendere i nostri prodotti in contrassegno, e devo dire che la nostra vendita sta aumentando grazie a quest'app. Poi il supporto tecnico dall'assistenza è ottimo che mi risponde sempre in modo chiaro e veloce. Molto affidabile. Consigliatissimo!

Stock Vera Pelle
Releasitが返信しました 2022年6月7日

Grazie mille per la recensione, è stato un piacere aiutarla a configurare l'app nel vostro negozio!

Se ha bisogno di aiuto non esiti a ricontattarmi!

Marco da Releasit


Marcos is very helpful as well as all the instructions! After I installed the app I made a test order and works perfectly!


Proprio l'app che stavamo cercando.
Avendo anche il pagamento alla consegna attivo sul nostro sito, molte persone andavano in confusione sul tipo di spedizione e pagamento da selezionare. Adesso è tutto più semplice e chiaro e questo facilita sicuramente le cose.
Ottima anche l'assistenza da parte di Marco, super disponibile ed efficace nello spiegare alcuni punti che ci erano poco chiari. Consigliata

Sinapsi Gioielli

Customer Support is the best!! Marco is very quick and helpful. My problem has solved less than 1 hour . It's working perfectly!!! highly recommend the app!!!


When we first started offering COD to our customers, we weren't too thrilled to be paying higher shipping rates (shipping companies here charge more for COD) just because customers were too afraid to pay for their orders up front. And, unfortunately, Shopify's limitations don't allow us to charge more or less depending on the payment method a customer uses. But not capitalizing on the added value that COD brings to customers was a BIG mistake. This app, which is easy to set up and functions perfectly by the way, has allowed us to charge our customers a little more in exchange for the security that COD offers. We originally intended to use the app as a deterrent. We assumed customers would prefer to save money by paying ahead of time once they saw the COD fee. But we were wrong! We discovered that many customers will gladly pay a little extra knowing that their money is safe and that they'll be paying for their order only after they have it in their hands. COD has now become OUR preferred payment method as well because the fee that this app has allowed us to add has lowered our transaction costs. In other words, it now costs us more if a customer decides to pay by credit card (or any other payment method) instead of COD. It is a clear win/win for the seller and the buyer. This app is essential if you're offering COD to your customers.
Releasitが返信しました 2022年9月19日

Thank you so much for your review and thank you for sharing your experience with us and the Shopify community!

Yes exactly, customers will pay more for the COD service so having a fee for it makes it a great payment option for both buyers, that can buy products feeling safer, and sellers, that can fully cover the additional costs of the service and have happier customers!

I'm happy you found our app, thank you again for this review!

Marco from Releasit


App splendida e di facile utilizzo. Ha risolto completamente il mio problema e ho incontrato nella semplice configurazione un personale capace , professionale e disponibile. App impeccabile da tutti i punti di vista.

Dressing Home
Releasitが返信しました 2022年11月23日

Grazie mille per la recensione e le vostre parole, sono molto felice che vi state trovando bene! Non esitate a scrivermi se avete bisogno di aiuto! 😊

Marco da Releasit


We just started to use this app and it seems to work as expected. Marco, the support team member that answered our help request was extremely responsive and kind and we ended up customizing the integration until the point it perfectly meets our needs.
Later Edit: We are continuing our great collaboration and Marco once again proves to be of great help and very kind.
Thank you again! Highly recommended!

EWO Market

It does exactly what it promised with enough flexibility and settings. Their support is always fast and to the point.
Releasitが返信しました 2022年6月20日

Thank you so much for your review, it was a pleasure helping you configure the app!

Happy selling!

Marco from Releasit


Excellent app with the best customer support team. Definitely recommended if you looking for COD app :)

Releasitが返信しました 2022年8月31日

Thank you so much for the review and kind words! It was a pleasure helping you! 😊

Marco from Releasit