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6 febbraio 2024

A ripoff for small businesses. We have spent too much time and money getting 1000 products listed on Catch and while we get charged in USD $39-$49 each month for the products to sit in “processing” mode. Customer support is terrible and we are being refused a refund even though it’s not our fault the products are in processing mode for 2 months and we’ve never had them live on Catch. That’s their solution just cancel the app and move on? CedCommerce you should be ashamed you take our money and offer zero service or customer service. We want a refund because it doesn’t work!!!
After 3 months back and forth we finally got a refund - but even that wasnt in full!! Also they made us remove our review (above) in order to get that refund and then short changed us. I am sure there would be more bad reviews here but they make merchants remove them to get a refund. The Shopify Support Team and Shopify Partners Team also refused to help, even though they agreed it was poor service, they refused to intervene. Shameful. BE WARNED. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!

Sandee Rain Boutique
10 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 8 aprile 2024

I cannot even begin to comprehend how this app has managed to garner any positive reviews whatsoever. It's mind-boggling! This has been, without a doubt, the most abysmal experience I've ever had on the Shopify app store, and I've been at it for over a year. I've battled relentlessly to get my products up and running, but there's always some infuriating issue preventing them from being uploaded to Catch.

Let's talk about their customer support, shall we? It's an absolute travesty. I've reached out for assistance countless times, only to receive responses that are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. They hand out instructions that might as well be written in a foreign language because they sure as hell don't fix the problem. And don't get me started on their oh-so-helpful, one-sentence replies. It's enough to make anyone's blood boil.

I'm beyond fed up at this point. My store is already integrated with this disaster of an app, and the thought of transitioning to something else is enough to give me nightmares. All I want is for my products to be uploaded, for crying out loud! This is a plea for help, a cry of frustration, and a demand for resolution. HELP ME, PLEASE!

UPDATE: I deleted it. so over it. it is easier to upload it directly on catch and manually transfer the orders to shopify or just use a different app within shopify.

Electra Mirrors
Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
CedCommerce ha risposto 3 ottobre 2023

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and Thanks for your feedback. I would like to request you to connect with us for the Apps Issues and support concerns, the team who has working with you.

We have responded to you over email after checking all the concerns and support we offered and didn't find any open and reported concerns from our end for your account. Kindly respond to the email so that we can close your request at the earliest.


Team CedCommerce

Data modifica: 11 maggio 2023

the app is clunky and expensive, so i asked them to cancel , they told be to delete, so no more charges occured 4 days later the took another payment out , please refund me or ill do a chargeback with the bank

Jaydee Bedding
Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
CedCommerce ha risposto 12 maggio 2023

Thanks for your honest feedback based on your experience. For the Apps Issues you can connect with the team who has working with you

We have to respond to you over email after checking. There has been no additional payment taken and the charges are simply based on your plan. Kindly respond to the email so that we can close your request at the earliest.

Team CedCommerce

23 settembre 2021

Very average app that barely syncs with Catch. Orders did come in but took 6 weeks and still didnt get any products uploaded from Shopify > Catch Refuses to acknowledge it hasn't worked for us and conversely refuses to give a refund. I'd go to another supplier first without a doubt

5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
CedCommerce ha risposto 24 settembre 2021

Thanks for sharing the same We have already reached out to your concerns. Kindly respond to the communication sent so that we can help and assist you. For any further assistance, you can reach to through that.