Categories by BTP

Categories by BTP

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Categories made simple!

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Drag and Drop Interface

Categories by BTP provides an easy-to-use drag and drop interface for configuring your category hierarchy.

Unlimited Nesting

Categories by BTP allows you to bypass Shopify's nesting limitations and provides an easy-to-install snippet for your storefront navigation.

Improves SEO

Categories by BTP's automatic collection title and handle renaming makes your collections more SEO friendly and improves searchability.

Over Categories by BTP

Categories by BTP

Categories by BTP allows you to create a navigation tree using Shopify's smart collections. You can configure your categories via the app's intuitive backend interface and simply include a snippet in your theme to show your newly crafted navigation tree on your storefront!

  • Create in-depth categories with unlimited nesting to help your customers find products with ease
  • Multi-layered product categories improves SEO and ranking for specific product searches
  • Easily drag-and-drop categories to create your hierarchy with no hassle
  • Adjust settings to automatically add tags to category smart collections for adding products
  • Easy-to-use and customizable snippets for adding navigation tree and breadcrumbs to your storefront

Easily create categories for yourproducts with virtually no limit!

Shopify is a great platform for any merchant with a product or service to sell. However, one major limitation with Shopify is that lack of a comprehensive categorizing system. While there are apps out there that attempt to add the ability to create multiple categories, they are clunky and difficult to use. Both sides of the purchasing process desire a better system:

  • Online shoppers need a system that allows them to find what they are looking for quickly and easily while also being mindful of other products that they may be interested in purchasing in addition to their original search
  • Merchants need a system that easily adapts to changing product offers and services, and is unbounded by technical limitations

Categories by BTP provides the ability to create categories out of Shopify smart collections and gives merchants free reign to customize their product categories to be as deep and intuitive as they want. The system is designed to provide merchants with the following:

  • Virtually unlimited nesting
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Drag-and-drop new and existing smart collections into categories with a simple click and drag of the mouse
  • Advanced settings for making the process of adding products to the collections more efficient
  • Better search engine indexing of your product pages for better SEO

Please note that this application works exclusively with smart collections. If your shop uses custom collections, please visit our FAQ page for instructions on how to convert your existing custom collections to smart collections.

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3.2 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

House of Dasein Kink Toys and Apparel

**will charge you to fix the bugs in their app!
**Does not automatically place product into the parent categories
**does not work with all themes
**customer service takes a day or 2 to get back to you


Excellent and Easy program to create "Categories" and "Sub-Categories".
We have more than 13 main brands and more than 12,000 categories and sub-categories.
This App made it easy to manage and sort all these brands in few weeks.
Also you don't have to be worry about the safety of the generated data.
All data are stored in your theme files that you can make back up easily.
We highly recommend this App for all kind of stores who need to organize their categories and sub-categories.
Their support responded in a timely manner and very friendly.

Boutique Essénienne

This application is really good, it meets the needs for ecommerce sites with a large inventory.
The support team is very efficient and responds quickly to all requests.
I highly recommend this application.