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27 febbraio 2020

Very good. Great customer support. It is working well and fast. Can only recommend it. Thanks again guys

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Data modifica: 30 agosto 2019

Scam. Deceptive advertising. You can do the same thing for free. I give this zero stars. Don't purchase this app.
Company has decided to harass me via telephone, contact me at nearly 9 pm on a weekday, and has been harassing me all morning on my Facebook business page. They are insanely unprofessional. Please avoid at all costs.

bone jack vintage
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CedCommerce ha risposto 26 settembre 2019

Dear bone jack vintage,

Thank you for sharing your concern!

We were just trying to connect with you so that we can help you to import your products on your Shopify store in a seamless manner.
Sincerely apologize for the troubles you faced and still would like to get connected with you.

20 gennaio 2021

developers are very responsive. we were able to chat with them right away. app works great, no complaints

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29 novembre 2018

Excellent customer support. I didn't see exactly how to complete the entire process myself at first but I was guided through it all and the app did exactly what it says it does.

Monty's Pawnbrokers
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19 marzo 2021

if you want to link product already in your store this is not the app for that. also it's no free version or trail to try it out.

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CedCommerce ha risposto 22 marzo 2021

Hello TurboTech,
There must be some confusion when you were using the importer application.
1. Linking the products: If you have any products already listed on your Shopify store then at the time of importing the products from your selected marketplace to the app, there is an automated process run which is used to match the products from your Shopify store based on SKU or Title.
2. Trial: You will get any new 10 products uploaded on your Shopify for the trial purpose, to check if you will get all details imported on your Shopify store correctly.
We would incredibly like the occasion to talk about the issues further with you. Kindly connect with us at apps@cedcommerce.com. I Will assign a personal account manager who will work with you on your panel and assist you further with all the steps.

I will look forward to your response.

24 novembre 2021

Ive installed it, tried to import products from the app - doesent worked. I contacted Support - nobody there, no help. Deinstalled the app - thank you for nothing.

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14 agosto 2020

Great app to being with and the super helpful customer support is incredible. Very responsive and helped solve all my issues quickly. Great value all around.

Print on Demand Cases
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Circa 14 ore di utilizzo dell’app
5 maggio 2023

Flawless experience importing Amazon products TO Shopify. Fantastic support team. CedCommerce has a few apps that help with exporting Shopify products TO other channels as well. Will be checking them out.

Mighty Supply
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Circa 10 ore di utilizzo dell’app
26 novembre 2020

Great App if you have items on other Platforms like Etsy or Amazon. Works Seamless and Customer Support is Amazing!

Spacesaver CA
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Circa 8 ore di utilizzo dell’app
21 giugno 2020

Superb customer service. Goes above and beyond to help!! Awesome. Thank you so much. Helpt me even when Shopify gurus could not.

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