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All-In-One Business Messenger: Live Chat,Chatbot&CRM Marketing

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All-in-one Live chat & Chatbot

Chat in real-time or use email&SMS to follow up when you can’t talk to customers live. Save time with chatbots, automation and templates.

All-in-one CRM & Marketing

Collect upfront information from customers. Sell more with on-site automated popup messages. Convert with push notifications: SMS & emails.

Fast-Growing: Try it for free! is fastest-growing in Asia, and expanding to the global market. Just try it with FREE trial coupons. You'll know the difference.

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What is is all-in-one business messenger that brings together live chat, customer management, and team messenger.

Give the best purchase experience to your Customer

  • Engage customers with real-time chat without login procedures.
  • Customer data will be automatically linked when the chat is initiated.

Integrate with various message platforms

  • (Korea) Kakao Talk and Line integration are available, and customers can continue the interaction to other message platforms.
  • (Japan) Line integration is available and the customer can continue the interaction to other message platforms.
  • With's integration tools, you can connect with powerful message platforms.

Manage Customer data

  • Collect, search, and segment customer data with Contacts.
  • Track which customer segment browsed your target page, and the live chat history.

Free Workspace for your team

  • There is no capacity limit, and files sent and received can be easily found by searching.
  • Add chat groups to manage chat history by topic.

How do I connect to the Shopify store?

  1. Click on "Add app"
  2. Sign up/Login to
  3. Create your Channel

(For those who already signed up for can log in immediately without further registration process.)

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Free plan available. Pricing depends on the website's MAU. Additional charges may apply on the SMS.

4.8 z pěti hvězd

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Nejnovější recenze

Seoulish Korea

This app is such a life saver!!! We have tried many different live chat app, such as Zendesk and Facebook Messenger, but beats all of them by far.
- Here's the pros :
1. Beautiful and easy to use user interface
2. Free plan is available -> unlimited on site live chats
3. Desktop and mobile dashboard app available
4. If your target is Asian market, than it might be very useful because it allows connection with Line and Kakaotalk.
5. Through the paid plan, you can set up marketing pop up messages beautifully. It encourages more people to click on the message, and you can specify your target customers to show each messages to.
6. Interactive chat-bot. It's easy to set up different support-bot for customers most asked question. For example, we set up one regarding general FAQ, and another one specifically for product questions. The click rate for these are very high!
6. Super duper supportive and quick support!!! Thank you Bora ❤️
- Things to improve:
1. This app is based in Korea, so currently some of its material are still not quite well translated. However personally I don't think it hinders the use of the app at all. Though a more thorough English guide would certainly be great!
2. Would love to see Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger be added!

GLAD PICK | Korean Skincare & Cosmetics

Honest thoughts after installing this app:
- pros: suitable if you're targeting Asian (Korean and Japanese) markets, clean user interface. - cons: It makes you sign up
- and seems to collect your customers and your shop's data
- Installation process is longer than other apps
- Relatively expensive pricing for the services provided - Not suitable for the American/western markets
- Its reviews seem to be unreliable as they're mostly published on the same date
- Not really different from already existing chatting apps

Odpověď vývojáře

30. srpen 2021

Hello, this is Channel team. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with our features and pricing.
Thank you for your honest feedback. :) We’d love to provide some of the facts to satisfy & help with your questions.
Firstly, yes we are based in Korea and Japan, having about 60,000+ active accounts. And we aim to expand our service to the global market. We're new to Shopify, so your feedbacks are crucial to improve our service!
We also want to tell you that we're making improvements on the installation & integration for the global merchants.
In the case of pricing, we're renowned for the pricing advantages over services like Intercom or Zendesk, and we've also found out our pricing advantages compared to other chatting app services on Shopify. We wonder what feature is relatively ineffective regarding our paid plan. Our support team will reach out to you with a step-by-step solution. Looking forward to your reply on email.
We sincerely hope you get the most out of our service,
Thank you again for your feedback, and we'll make sure to add your feedback on improving our service as well.


競合の会社に知られたくないほど優れたチャットツール。 サイトで買い物をするときに、自分にはどの商品があうのだろう?と悩むことがあります。チャンネルトークはお客さまと密にコミュニケーションがとれるので、お客さまが迷っていることを整理してあげたり、逆にこちらが思いつかなかったニーズに気付けたりします。 みなさんにオススメしたい反面、自分たちだけの秘密にしておきたい、と思ってしまう、すばらしいツールです。

Odpověď vývojáře

30. červenec 2021

滝田さん...!! 「競合の会社に知られたくないほど優れたチャットツール」「みなさんにオススメしたい反面、自分たちだけの秘密にしておきたい、と思ってしまう、すばらしいツールです。」