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This app is such a life saver!!! We have tried many different live chat app, such as Zendesk and Facebook Messenger, but Channel.io beats all of them by far.
- Here's the pros :
1. Beautiful and easy to use user interface
2. Free plan is available -> unlimited on site live chats
3. Desktop and mobile dashboard app available
4. If your target is Asian market, than it might be very useful because it allows connection with Line and Kakaotalk.
5. Through the paid plan, you can set up marketing pop up messages beautifully. It encourages more people to click on the message, and you can specify your target customers to show each messages to.
6. Interactive chat-bot. It's easy to set up different support-bot for customers most asked question. For example, we set up one regarding general FAQ, and another one specifically for product questions. The click rate for these are very high!
6. Super duper supportive and quick support!!! Thank you Bora ❤️
- Things to improve:
1. This app is based in Korea, so currently some of its material are still not quite well translated. However personally I don't think it hinders the use of the app at all. Though a more thorough English guide would certainly be great!
2. Would love to see Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger be added!

Seoulish Korea
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Channel Corp.已回复 2021年9月29日

Hello Seoulish team, thank you always for your kind feedback! :)

We'll work harder to improve our service!
We've recently added Instagram DM integration, so make sure to integrate it to centralize your inquiries in Channel.io! ❤️



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Channel Corp.已回复 2021年7月19日


お問い合わせ以外にも、CRMなども大活用していただいているのもとても嬉しいです...!! 🙈 ECでも親近感をお客様を感じていただけているとのこと、私たちも嬉しい限りです!これからも引き続き伴走していきますので、よろしくお願いいたします!👏🎉💕



We have been using channel talk for more than 1 year and our revenue got doubled by using great CS bot system and CRM solution. Strongly recommend this app :)

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Channel Corp.已回复 2022年11月26日

We're very happy to hear we could assist your growth! We hope we can continue to provide even more value to you!


This is the best chat app we've used on Shopify, by far. Moreover, the customer service has been impeccable and especially Chris went above and beyond to resolve an issue we had with notifications, which turned out to be a device problem with one of our Android phones. Still, his patience and dedication to customer service shows how seriously this company is to looking after their customers. The service is great, well organised and for our requirements we can't think of anything we'd want more.

Craft Cadence
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Channel Corp.已回复 2023年4月17日

Thank you for your review! I'm glad to hear that Chris was able to provide you with the help you needed. We'll do our best to keep up our quality!



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Channel Corp.已回复 2021年7月19日


yutoriさんでは https://genzai.online/ さんをはじめ、https://9090s.store/ さんなど様々なブランドでご活用いただいており、CS効率化したことで、よりファン作りにも貢献できているとのことで本当に嬉しいです!yutoriさんの世界観も大好きですし、今後も貢献できるよう頑張っていきます!💕引き続きよろしくお願いいたします!


CSのためのツールだけあって、チャネルトーク側からのストアに対するCSも最高な体験です。 高機能がゆえにまだまだ使いこなせていない部分もありますが、積極的に対応とHOWTOを教えてくれる姿勢も◎です。 従量課金制なので規模感に合わせた導入もできると思います。 もしも導入するなら、チャネルトークのために一人専属のスタッフを入れてもいいレベルだと思っています。

Silly by PRESS
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Channel Corp.已回复 2021年7月19日


Silly by PRESSさんが初期の頃から、今のように大きなECになるまでご一緒させていただいて本当にみんな喜んでいます!これからもチャネルトークも進化しながら、一緒に伴走していきますよ〜!!



Channel.io has been our most faithful business partner that helped save our time and effort in making it much easier to manage countless customer inquiries Les Plages get daily. It also provide specific marketing recipes tailored for successfully catering to the individual needs of small business owners like myself to be able to take full-on leverage. Not only that, Channel.io's super user-friendly, clean platform interface made us feel comfortable to engage with the tool dailly hassle-free packed with powerful data analystics helping us to grow towards the right path. Highly recommended to all small-business enterprenuers out there.

Les Plages
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Channel Corp.已回复 2022年7月19日

Thank you once again! We're excited to see the progress of Les Plages!


Still learning about this tool but so far Channal.io is pretty amazing! I've only been using this service for a while, but I'm seeing better results than I expected, and I think I can get even better results in the future. Especially the individual training was very helpful in the initial setting.

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Channel Corp.已回复 2022年10月24日

Thank you for the continued support! If you need any help moving forward, please let us know!


大きくは導入後すぐに簡単なお問い合わせがシナリオ形式で自動化出来たことがメリットとして挙げられます。その他にもインスタグラムやメールからの問い合わせ一元化も可能になりました。担当者への割り振りはもちろん、サイト内でのお客様へのお声かけや、一斉配信など細かな対応や施策にも応用出来ます。 他のアプリも検討しましたが、チャネルトークはUIがとても親しみやすく、お客様もスタッフも直感的に楽しんで使えるところが気に入っています。チャット形式なので絵文字なども自然と使いやすく、お客様との距離もより近くに感じられます。 ブランドイメージに合わせてデザインできるのも嬉しいポイントです。
よくあるお問い合わせが自動化出来た分、お客様の満足度も上がり、事細かな質問にも余裕を持って対応することができていますので売上にも直結しております。 日本でのサポートも充実しており、いつも丁寧に対応していただいているので大変助かっております。

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Channel Corp.已回复 2023年1月4日



This is my second time around using this app. The first time I initially installed this app I was quite overwhelmed and clueless and to how to navigate and integrate this app on my Shopify store. Most of the instructions weren't in English, there was no tutorial and I didn't have the time to go through and understand how it worked. I needed a customer service/chatbot that just worked. One the second time around I installed this app and immediately Robyn from Channel.io reach out to me and guide me in the setting up, and getting my team more acquainted with channel.io. Now I have to say I love and enjoy this product and I highly recommend this app. It is beyond awesome.

Adorable Cute Plushies
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Channel Corp.已回复 2021年12月26日

Thanks a lot for the 5 stars! We will let Robyn know that she did an amazing job :) We are actually trying to make more videos in English on youtube. We understand that user guides are crucial for most businesses, and that is why we are working hard to make it as soon as possible. Hopefully, once contents are added, we will be able to understand more on our features on marketing too ❤️