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2. marts 2017

its good just cant see the history from the past week like how many customers each day.

Mere end 5 år bruger appen
25. september 2018

We have been using this for a few weeks and are very impressed with the features and functionality. Very glad we installed the app. While not perfect, it's pretty close.

Biggs Ltd
Mere end 3 år bruger appen
21. februar 2017

Chatra really works well in terms of its overall functionality and its ease of use, integration, and feature set, it's a fantastic overall app. What I would like to see as the app grows is the ability to fine tune and customize a lot more of the app's features (through something like CSS position, color, background, size, etc.). The ability to more specifically (and responsively) adapt the chat button to different areas of the screen and customize for mobile versus desktop (right now it is just on or off), those would be fantastic additions to have. Again though - functionally very robust and powerful, and very easy to integrate, get up and running, and use. Great work!

Anjas Attic
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
Redigeret 28. april 2020

It's great! Seamless and convenient! I love it! Would definitely recommend it very much. The customer service is great too!

Jujumello Intimates
Cirka 2 år bruger appen
9. juli 2019

Really great tool. UI is a little confusing but much cleaner than other chat options. Excellent customer service.

Cirka 2 år bruger appen
Redigeret 15. august 2017

The app is great and it works better than expected. The iPhone app is very useful as we are a mobile business. Tracking the history and seeing what people have in their carts is also very helpful. I've only really run into one challenge... I've been trying to find a solution to seenmlessly track users as they traverse my 2 different websites and haven't had any helpful feedback. The support reps just direct me to some code snippets but both installations were turnkey from your installers and I've not done any custom coding.

Cirka 2 år bruger appen
11. april 2018

Very nice chat app. I like that it makes my customers leave their information for me to follow up with them if they leave, also keeps records of conversations and it keeps Spam Chatters away by having them introduce themeselves. i would like to have an app for my computer but so far I'm Loving. Thanks!

The Perfect Girlfriend
Næsten 2 år bruger appen
2. februar 2022

J'ai utilisé cette application pour pouvoir communiquer plus facilement avec les clients potentiels, c'est pratique.

L'atelier de Iris
Cirka et år bruger appen
31. maj 2021

I installed this app on our online store It is a great way to reach out to customers shopping on the site and for customers to quickly and conveniently ask product questions.

Francine Collections
Cirka et år bruger appen
12. februar 2022

Cette application est très utile et je le conseille à ceux qui se lance dans la vente en ligne. Elle permet d'échanger en toute sécurité avec vos clients.

Cirka et år bruger appen