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13 maart 2020

Easy to install, useful notifications, good customer engagement! Sold a cute bikini piece thanks to this app in the first few days!

Axion Bikini
9 dagen gebruiken de app
19 december 2018

All good so far. Chatra was easy to set up and the options for customization are plenty and sufficient. The customer service is quick and helpful. The only thing i suggest is to make it easier to use a custom color for the chat bubble. But that is a detail.

Blanda Beauty
8 dagen gebruiken de app
2 april 2019

this is a great app and so easy to use with plenty good features. I just wish it was a bit cheaper :)

Posh Affair
8 dagen gebruiken de app
29 augustus 2017

We had to select from different developers, and we chose Chatra, it works very well with our requirements, especially since English is not our first language, it is very ease to edit, or simply use it as is. Thanks to the whole team and looking forward to utilize your apps in our store.

Dedica2 2
8 dagen gebruiken de app
12 augustus 2017

Appallingly unprofessional support interaction with a member of Chatra's "Customer Success" team, & subsequently, management.

As a paid subscriber (since cancelled), I requested an unbranded chat box. This is offered on similar plans by their competitors (Tidio, Live Chat Inc., etc.)

It is standard practice that, following payment for a customer engagement service, the client brand controls the front-facing aesthetics of said service as it pertains to, & interacts with, their website. As an example, Shopify provides an option to remove the "Powered by Shopify" link for paying customers.

Below find Chatra's initial response to my request, verbatim:

"There's currently no setting for removing the "Get ••• Chatra" branding ... We will (only) remove it if you subscribe for (an additional) 6/12-months."

... &, subsequently, a member of Chatra's management:

- -


On July 28 '17, I signed-up for a free trial, active until August 12.

On August 2, I pre-subscribed to a paid plan valid from August 13 - September 12. This issue occured in the interim "free" period. Naturally, I requested a refund as our paid plan had yet to start.

- -

"As for the refund, unfortunately we won't be able to provide that, we have a no refund policy outlined in our terms of service. Personally I don't think that taking our reputation hostage & asking for a ransom is the good way to conduct business, but I might have misunderstood you."

Qaws Hq
Verenigde Staten
8 dagen gebruiken de app
3 december 2015

What a difference Chatra has made to our site. In the 10 days we have been using the app, we have captured three sales either directly or indirectly related to our ability to take questions directly from customers, in real time.

The interface is easy enough to use, even us Luddites figured it out in seconds. Installation and activation was instant, and we were configured and up and running in minutes. I can't stress enough how simple the process was - so happy about that!

As we looked deeper into the app, we found other customization options that we are now using, including auto-away and some other useful options.

Simply an amazing tool to augment our relationship-building and customer relations initiatives. Bravo!

8 dagen gebruiken de app
7 oktober 2021

Free plan is very useful and perfect to contact buyer directly!!!! I love this! I can also control email through this app!

nemo it!
Verenigde Staten
8 dagen gebruiken de app
8 december 2021

Great app - exactly what I needed. Very easy to set up and to manage. Love the fact that I get the notifications on my phone whenever someone asks a question on the website. Definitely a must have!

Miami AutoSport Technik
Verenigde Staten
8 dagen gebruiken de app
15 juli 2020

3oak Handcrafted creates and curates furniture and home goods. We immediately pivoted to e-commerce in the face of this pandemic by building ourselves a Shopify store. The integration between in-store and online is amazing. But we were not converting sales online, not a single one. We added Chatra and are now converting sales all over the United States. It's a game changer.

3oak HandCrafted
Verenigde Staten
8 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 11 mei 2020

It is a great app for reaching out to store visitors!! Even has an automated chat bot service that handles the visitors during non-office hours!

Bikehaus International
8 dagen gebruiken de app