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4 de junho de 2017

Does not work and doesn't notify me when someone is trying to chat, I have the paid version and it does not come along with any sort of support besides for them telling me I need to turn my volume up on my phone... I know how to use my device that is obviously not the issue. The support team is unwilling to assist, I guess they have not solution for their crappy system.

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Mais de 7 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 29 de novembro de 2019

Once again it crashed on Black Friday, once again their support is offline.

How is this OK shopify?

App is gone from all 3 of my sites, 3 employees now cant work, this is absolutly unacceptable

Aproximadamente 4 anos usando o app
23 de outubro de 2017

We've used the app for about a year now and up until about a month ago it worked great. Lately the app has been very buggy. It will randomly crash and you will need to reopen and login. The app is also recognizing customers on the site about 30-60 seconds after they have actually joined the site which is going to throw off any timed triggers you have set. We have dealt with that but today the app is running so slow that customer chats are taking MINUTES to come through to us. Our responses are even showing as "not seen" even though the customer is responding to them. This is a huge issue because customers expect quick responses and unfortunately has resulted in loss sales for us. For $19/month for 1 user these types of issues should not be happening. Anytime you contact support they can't offer a fix.

My recommendation is to try a different app first.

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Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
Data de edição: 4 de julho de 2022

Chatra DOES NOT WORK, only scares away buyers and this for $ 21 per month ((. This chat is not even needed for $ 0 per month, since their bot sends double spam messages to all potential buyers when it is needed to send one message. Set up it impossible because Chatra decided that your offline buyers should see two messages from the bot. Also, the avatars and text inside the chat jump from top to bottom or disappear altogether. Because of this, the offline buyer thinks that an operator has appeared, but actually it is not and that misleads and angers the buyer. Buyers leave, the chat scares off potential customers. And technical support clearly doesn’t even know how the chat works and answers with template phrases-blanks like bank employees. There is no feedback, they offer to get out and return your money for this chat, so to speak. P.S. Don't waste your time and money on this app as I did. Now I'm looking for a new chat that just works:) thugs work in support.

5 meses usando o app
Roger Wilco LLC deixou uma resposta 13 de julho de 2022

We are sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with Chatra! Basically, you don't like how offline contact form bot messages and welcome widget texts currently work. In offline mode, we send an additional message after the visitor completes the contact form, asking a visitor to consider adding additional details that might help the team answer the question. Some visitors only say greetings in their first message and might leave a website after completing the form, so this message encourages them to send another message with more details. This way, when the team goes online, they can answer the visitor's question right away instead of asking them to specify their question first. There is no way to remove this message completely, but its text can be edited in the settings if necessary.
The other concern is the welcome widget texts that appear when a visitor opens the chat window. If there are no messages yet, this message will appear in the middle of the screen, and if the visitor chatted in the past, this message would appear at the bottom of the screen when the previous browser session ends. It does not appear out of nowhere or "teleport", it appears only if a visitor spends too much time on a website or comes back to it later. The standard browser session lasts for an hour, and most visitors don't stay on a website for that long. These texts are also different for online and offline modes. The welcome texts may contain important information like links to the help section or information about the working hours, so we show them again for returning visitors after a while.
We explained the logic of these messages to you and suggested how to modify the texts. Since we don't have technical means to deactivate these messages for specific users and you were upset, we offered a refund. We appreciate the feedback and are open to suggestions on how to improve our product, and we took some of your points into consideration. However, we cannot make changes overnight.

Data de edição: 3 de novembro de 2016

App never opens in time. Always freezes.

Buddhapants 2
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5 meses usando o app
22 de março de 2018

Thre is no free plan as it's mentioned when we register. After 14 days they start to harass you with emails to upgrade and for review then they block access to the online list. The biggest lie is that they show you a list of supposedly online visitors from everywhere in the world and tell you if you want to unlock and chat with them you need to upgrade. I checked my account and no one was online in real time. I give one star because the system forced me to give at least one if not zero stars. I deleted the App. it does not worth with lies.

Greater Bazar
17 dias usando o app
12 de agosto de 2017

Appallingly unprofessional support interaction with a member of Chatra's "Customer Success" team, & subsequently, management.

As a paid subscriber (since cancelled), I requested an unbranded chat box. This is offered on similar plans by their competitors (Tidio, Live Chat Inc., etc.)

It is standard practice that, following payment for a customer engagement service, the client brand controls the front-facing aesthetics of said service as it pertains to, & interacts with, their website. As an example, Shopify provides an option to remove the "Powered by Shopify" link for paying customers.

Below find Chatra's initial response to my request, verbatim:

"There's currently no setting for removing the "Get ••• Chatra" branding ... We will (only) remove it if you subscribe for (an additional) 6/12-months."

... &, subsequently, a member of Chatra's management:

- -


On July 28 '17, I signed-up for a free trial, active until August 12.

On August 2, I pre-subscribed to a paid plan valid from August 13 - September 12. This issue occured in the interim "free" period. Naturally, I requested a refund as our paid plan had yet to start.

- -

"As for the refund, unfortunately we won't be able to provide that, we have a no refund policy outlined in our terms of service. Personally I don't think that taking our reputation hostage & asking for a ransom is the good way to conduct business, but I might have misunderstood you."

Qaws Hq
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8 dias usando o app
9 de julho de 2022

i installed. had problems. contacted company. no reply. bad customer service. so u lost me as customer. i deleted app.

LMD Graphix
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1 dia usando o app
Roger Wilco LLC deixou uma resposta 12 de julho de 2022

We are sorry to hear that you had problems with our app! According to our records, you contacted us via email and we replied to you with recommendations on how to update the settings to fix the problem. Maybe you missed our email or it got into spam by mistake? Also, please note that you can chat with us on our website chatra.com if you have any questions or difficulties.

10 de março de 2021

Your ad in Shopify said this was $19 a month (or $15 a month if the full year is paid at once), but after installing it I see that it is $15/mth per agent. All five of my agents are part time and working from home. This would cost me $75 a month. That is insane! Your app is not worth that much money and I am ultra annoyed that your pricing was so wrong. I have wasted too much time on your app. Shame on you for being so deception.

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Aproximadamente 2 horas usando o app
Roger Wilco LLC deixou uma resposta 12 de março de 2021

Sorry to hear that! We did not mean to deceive you, you can always check the detailed information about our plans at chatra.com/plans or if you click on the "See all pricing options" button on our Shopify app page. There, we clearly show that the price is per agent, and it's a common practice for helpdesk tools to charge on a per-agent basis.
Also, please note that you don't have to pay for all registered agents in Chatra. For example, if you have 5 agents, but only 2 of them are online at a time, a subscription for 2 agents will be enough. Agents can take turns: when one goes offline, another connects.
We've sent you an email with some additional information. We apologize again for the misunderstanding.

25 de julho de 2020

After installing the app, i couldn't see any more, videos on my product pages i hear music only (on mobile) videos getting black... Even now after removing the app i still have problems with some videos... i contacted shopify support, still resolving issue.. before that my site was perfect
RUN AWAYYYYYYY!!!! I'm just waiting them to charge me in 10 days, i installed app today on 25/07/2020... If that happens...

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