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17. huhtikuu 2024

Cin7 x Shopify Order routing is lacking in logic.
Sales Orders from Shopify -> Cin7 cannot map on Shopify Inventory location, only Sales Channel.

For example: if you have an order from your Shopify POS, eg a retail store, but the order is to be dispatched by your warehouse.
Sales Channel: retail store
Inventory Location: warehouse

The order can only map based on Sales Channel to Cin7.
So in this scenario, when your order comes into Cin7, it maps to the retail store, instead of the warehouse.
So your inventory will be out of sync.

Cin7 needs to develop more options/logic into their integration for order routing to allow their users to take full advantage of the Shopify omni capabilities. Ie - just be able to sell product from multiple inventory locations.

Considering at least 70% of Cin7 users are on Shopify, it is a striking incapability of the integration.

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10. elokuu 2023

Theoretically a good service, except it breaks frequently. Randomly it won't push inventory to Shopify or Amazon.
Most frustrating of all is the "customer service"... it takes 36 or more hours to hear back... if they reply to a ticket. A couple years ago they had live chat, but took that away.
The last problem is the onboarding process. It is about a 3 hour process, but they drag it into a 4 week ordeal (one call per week), so that you're so time invested in the process that backing out is too much hassle. And they charge you the $500+ monthly fee for that month too.

Total Saddle Fit
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24. huhtikuu 2022

Hi we are new to Cin7, using it only for a few weeks now. We have experienced lots of problems in a very short time. We have it connected to Shopify. We have found that Cin7 has been deleting variants from shopify. The whole product doesn't disappear but say out of 16 size and colour variants all but one will be deleted. We've also found a few products in shopify where just the image is missing now. Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

Further Faster
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