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Your Complete E-Commerce Fraud Protection Solution

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Improve Your ROI

We're continuously fine-tuning our solutions to out-perform KPI targets, stay ahead of fraudsters and achieve the best ROI.


Remove the significant variable and fixed costs for manual review teams and the contract terms tied to other fraud solutions.

Improve Operations

No need to run your own, in-house, operations team - we've got you!


For over 18 years, ClearSale has helped merchants eliminate fraud and chargebacks before they happen. Our mission is to stop online fraud while providing our clients with the highest approval rates and lowest false-positive rates in the industry.

We offer an end-to-end fraud management solution, helping e-commerce merchants protect their business by carefully sorting through orders to give the most accurate determination of fraud risk, and then handling each transaction as necessary. This process provides our clients the peace of mind to focus on their growing businesses without the fear of fraud.

Orders that would normally be declined by the AI technology used by most fraud screening programs might actually be approved if seen by human eyes. Our proprietary manual review process, unlike that of our competitors, ensures that suspect transactions are always reviewed by a seasoned analyst and never initially denied outright.

With ClearSale, you'll be happy to see higher approval rates while virtually eliminating false positives.

Our experience speaks for itself:

  1. 18+ years in business.
  2. 99% client retention rate.
  3. More than 3,000 direct clients;
  4. Accepting orders in over 160 countries every day.

App Features

Only pay for proven results. Unlike our competitors, ClearSale is flexible in meeting your needs by offering individual performance-based pricing plans based on your KPIs.

Improve Your Financials

Predictability instead of volatility – remove the significant variable and fixed costs for manual review teams and the contract terms tied to other fraud solutions. Pay according to your demand.

Remove Operational Burden

You don't need to run your own in-house operations team! We handle the burden of updating tools & rules, managing dedicated fraud staff and staying ahead of ever evolving fraud attacks.

Improve Your ROI With a Customized Solution

We continuously fine-tune our solutions to out-perform KPI targets and achieve the best ROI. We maintain performance SLAs to support your expectations in all circumstances.

Transparency – Maintain Expectations

ClearSale offers an online dashboard and reporting to fully support your needs.







Our pricing gives you the flexibility to design a program that meets your specific business needs.

5.0 5つ星

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Ride and Go Electrics

The app integrates very well with my store, decisions are made very quickly. It's a relief to know I am insured against fraudulent purchases. I had a minor issue with setting up my correct bank account for refunds and some communication errors with the company, but when they realized the situation they were very quick to get it resolved, cc'ing me on all communications. Overall very happy with the service and how they resolved my issue.



Thanks Ride and Go for the nice review, and especially for the partnership! We look forward to making sure you don't have any issues with chargebacks while still allowing the good orders to come through. Sorry that you had some issues with the bank account details, but glad it got resolved. You should be up and running now and rest assured, your sales are safe with us!

Rug Love

I am not sure why this app has not been downloaded hundreds of times. it is hands down the best fraud app on Shopify, I tried several that were rubbish. this is the real deal used by some major companies like Disney. price is cheap per transaction, no monthly fees. support 5 stars, I was onboarded almost instantly. I was having major issues with fake orders, now I sleep well knowing the best of the best are on it, and even if one does slip through I am covered. anyone who is in a similar position to me, needing professional fraud software for a great price, this is the best option on Shopify by a country mile. Do not waste your time on the others, I did and all have limitations only this one is the complete package run by a true fraud organization, not just some developers who have made a fraud Shopify app, major difference. Thank you, Bruno, Connor, and Kaio for your help getting me set up. Kind Regards Rob - Owner, Rug Love Limited



We appreciate your partnership and nice words Rob and Rug Love. We appreciate you giving us your trust to look over your transactions, and look forward to working with you for many years ahead! The team is here if you have questions moving forward.

Moonwalk USA

We started using ClearSale about one month ago. It is a big relief for our sale team. No more guessing on fraud, and no more unnecessary rejections. The fraud verification result comes back quick, most time instantly.
We highly recommend!



Thank you Moonwalk USA! We appreciate having you as a partner and for giving us the nice review! Glad you are getting quick results and not having to hassle with fraud.