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8. März 2024

Works really well for me. All orders are imported and sends the tracking back to shopify. There's a settings to Mark as Dispatched when you create the label and another to export the tracking number at the same time.

Very occasionally you have to re-link the app on the Click & Drop website, maybe when there's been API changes? It's easy to update but also quite easy to end up duplicating the integration - this is how you get duplicate orders. Just delete the second integration to resolve.

Quietly works in the background without any involvement needed 99% of the time. Excellent.

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17. Februar 2024

Perfect for small businesses in the UK - with a few caveats. I've been using this app since my store launched and it's made the process of handling shipping hassle free.

With that being said, there are a few pain points:
- DO NOT visit the app in Shopify after installation. It just takes you to create a new "integration" in RM. Do it once and then train your muscle memory to never click the app within Shopify ever again.
- Order fulfilment comes from RM, not Shopify. Would prefer a native integration in to Shopify, but this works fine.
- When using Marketplace Connect, the multi-channel orders are created in a strange address format. The only way to mitigate this is to remove it in RM, which is fine. Issue with MP Connect, but could be handled at ingest by RM.
- It takes some setting up to work with native 4x6in label printers, by default it prints A4. Go to your RM settings and ensure you have only ticked "print label" and "4x6in" (can't remember exact settings) and everything will work flawlessly.

There are separate complaints I have with RM C&D as a platform, however it's perfectly capable and when used properly works flawlessly.

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1. Februar 2024

Great App, pulls through orders from Amazon fine and updates the tracking.

However it does not update the tracking information for orders coming through from our Shopify store

This needs to be fixed asap as manually tracking needs to be updated in order to trigger email marketing emails and updating tracking for hundreds of orders defeats the purpose of an otherwise great app.

Aaron Wallace
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15. Dezember 2023

Was working fine, then stopped syncing orders though. Nothing was uploading and none of the recommended "troubleshooting" steps worked. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. There is zero customer service help, so a completely pointless app at this point.

Artmageddon Piercing Studio
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22. Februar 2024

Really disappointed with this app.
Switched our shipping to Royal Mail but the app is rubbish, it does not send tracking info back to shopify so we are having to do this manually to 100+ orders per day.

Re:gn Wholesale
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15. Februar 2024

As others have said, this app is completely dysfunctional. Wasted time applying for a RM account to be confronted with this once I tried to use them. I'll stick with the integrated evri and DPD

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22. Januar 2024

Rubbish app but there arent any alternatives by the look of it. I've got this connected to 2 shopify sites. One of them pulls all orders through including orders not linked to the location chosen and the other site pulls through 3 duplicate orders every time. Very very frustrating. As others have said, I would rather pay for this app and it worked than it be for free.

Ayumi Naturals
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Click & Drop hat geantwortet 23. Januar 2024

Thanks you for your review, and we are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing issues with the integration. Have you consulted our Shopify troubleshooting help page at ? If this help article does not resolve the issues you are experiencing please don't hesitate to contact our support team at for further assistance.

4. Dezember 2023

I'm actually going to disagree with the majority of reviews, this app is a real life saver! We've been using this app since the launch of our site and have had no problems at all.

It all gets imported over perfectly and when they are dispatched on click and drop all of the tracking information is imported to our shopify store automatically. (I will say however, there is a slight delay of sometimes up to 10 minutes for this to occur, but it does happen.) I would recommend giving the orders a few minutes after they have been marked as dispatched on click&drop.

Before this app (and shopify) we would use the manual system, and it would take us forever. This has been a real upgrade for us, and it's totally free to use! Can't complain at all!

Sewing Machines UK
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3. November 2023

Have to agree with everyone else. This app is no longer working properly. It does not mark orders as dispatched on my shopify store and does not upload tracking. It's an absolute nightmare for us. We have all our social media stores connected to this app and it works fine, but it just does not work well with shopify itself. Unfortunately there is no alternative to this at the moment, so nothing we can do. Please guys sort this app out, we would rather pay and have this working properly then have it free but being absolutely useless.

Mia Ishaaq
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3. November 2023

When it used to work it was great, but as of a few months ago it stopped pulling orders through unless you reconnected, then it would create a new connection each time and bring each order through 3 times.

Orders set to make as dispatched on Shopify aren't.

It's frustrating as it used to work great, why change it? I see other people saying the same and still no fix!

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