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24 dicembre 2022

App sends items over as separate orders, which defeats the purpose, inventory hiccups, it did push the address over, which was a major problem

two guys in the clickfunnels group keep recommending this app, they must be the developers, but it is not up to the task,

I even joined clickify fb group asked for help on their pinned post... crickets

So my search continues for something to make cf1 work for physical ecom ,

This aint it!

Virtuous Woman ®
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clickifypro ha risposto 24 dicembre 2022

Inconvenience is highly regretted. Our official email for support is
Any product, upsell or bump ordered within 5 minutes are bundled together as a single order in shopify. Address does get passed to shopify but there might be some edge case where additional trouble shooting might be required.

We are committed to provide support to user via call please feel free to reachout at

Clickifypro Team