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  • 評価の80%は5つ星です
  • 評価の5%は4つ星です
  • 評価の0%は3つ星です
  • 評価の5%は2つ星です
  • 評価の10%は1つ星です

This is the only way we count our retail store. Being able to use multiple devices and work as a team while having the store be actively open to customers is essential. This app tracks all the activity. The built in aggregation feature that automatically totals amounts together if products are scanned separately due to location or timing saves time, sanity and ensures accuracy. An essential app for any product based store.

The customer service has always been friendly, prompt and helpful.

Over The Top Cake Supplies - The Woodlands

As a team committed to meticulous inventory management using Shopify, we recently integrated the Cohub cycle count plugin with high expectations. Our goal was to streamline our inventory processes and enhance accuracy. However, our initial experience has been less than satisfactory, prompting us to seek immediate assistance to resolve pressing concerns.

Our team of three dedicated members invested three days in a comprehensive cycle count operation. Unfortunately, we are encountering critical issues in the aftermath of this extensive effort. Firstly, the upload process, which is a vital step in syncing the counted inventory with the system, is vexingly slow. We have been waiting for over 24 hours and the upload is still not complete. This lag severely disrupts our workflow and raises concerns about potential data loss and subsequent inaccuracies.

Furthermore, while we are currently conducting a cycle count in another branch, we have discovered that only a fraction of the counted variants are visible on the system. Out of the 740 variants meticulously counted, merely 114 are being displayed. This discrepancy is alarming as it raises doubts about the reliability of the plugin and compromises the integrity of our inventory records.

The aim of implementing Cohub was to achieve precise and reliable inventory tracking. However, these issues have resulted in a standstill of our operations and question the plugin's capability to handle large-scale data efficiently. We urgently require support from Cohub's technical team to address these problems. Our priorities are to speed up the remaining upload, ensure all counted variants are correctly reflected, and to understand why these impediments arose in the first place to avoid future recurrences.

We are hopeful that Cohub's customer service will respond promptly and provide the necessary assistance to rectify these issues. A swift and effective resolution would not only enable us to proceed with our inventory operations but would also restore our confidence in the plugin's functionality.

We plan to revise or remove this review once we receive the support needed and our inventory counts are accurately updated and stabilized within the system. We look forward to a timely and helpful response from the Cohub team.

Dispatch General

It looks like the app is not being maintained. No updates since 2022.
The app would not install on a new Samsung Galaxy S23, our standard phone for the business. So it was a waste of time even trying to test the app.
There is NO clear documentation on compatibility, and surprised you have to use a small mobile app, and have no option to use the app through the browser.

I am happy to update the review if there are acceptable responses by the developer.

Local Route Disc Golf
Cohub LLCが返信しました 2023年12月23日

Sorry to hear about the problems you’ve experienced.

Your review here is the first we’ve heard about them. Support by product review isn’t the route most users choose for handling issues. We usually learn about problems through our in-app chat function or when users email us at help@cohub.com or info@cohub.com.

Let’s start first with documentation — there’s an excellent 8 minute Quick Start video that demonstrates exactly how the app works. See the link below. Video and self-explanatory UI (user interface design) are by far the best form of documentation for an app like ours. It’s why we put links to the video in many locations throughout the app.

I will say the video is a bit long in the tooth as we’ve added some functionality since it was published -- the very powerful mid-count adjustment, for example. But, the UI makes these updates pretty obvious, so a video update hasn’t been urgent.

As for maintenance, we most definitely maintain the app! In fact, a developer is writing this response to you. We release improved code many times a month and as recently as two days ago for enhancing back-end performance.

These continuous improvements don’t show up as major feature releases because, for the most part, our updates don’t require users to do anything additional on their end — uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, etc.

Unfortunately, as I’ve just learned from you, making things less bothersome for our users is having the paradoxical effect of making it appear that we've abandoned the app. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Browser support — Easy answer for that. Yes, there is. You can start counts, adjust inventory, download reports, invite users to counts, and more. You’ll find it right there in your Shopify Admin on the left-hand side of the Shopify Home Screen from the “Apps” link. Also, Browser functions are covered extensively in the Quick Start video linked below.

Regarding Android support and the Galaxy S23: Our app definitely works on Android devices. It’s not the easiest OS us to support as there several different forks (varieties) in the wild. Being a small company, it can be difficult to code for all the variants. Samsung has a particularly unique version of Android that requires even more attention. That being said, we have tested the app on their Galaxy S20 5G and it works flawlessly. We’ll do some research into the S23.

Hope that answers everything for you. We’d love for you to give us another try. Happy to work through the S23 problems with you -- if you’re having trouble, it’s likely others are, too.

And, know that when you’re contacting our support you’re talking directly to the creators and developers who write the code. There are no non-technical types put between you and those who make cogs and sprockets.

In fact, let’s make this even easier — send an email to help@cohub.com with your phone number and I’ll call you. I know it's a holiday, but I also know that accurate inventory is critical for folks, especially during this time of year.



* Quick Start Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMguI_QfGGU


Just love your app and your customer service is out of this world as always! Always quick to respond to any questions or issues I might be having and are open to new feature suggestions.

Hilltribe Ontario

Lifesaver! Although many of our products don't have barcodes, we found it really easy to navigate the app, complete our weekly cycle counts and have everything updated straight away. It's definitely a lifesaver and time saver!

Hemp Gallery Australia Pty Ltd

This is a MUST have! The App is working like a charm and making stock counting a pleasant affective procedure with the combine teamwork feature. If one have wide stock the app's backoffice make it easy to find duplicates and errors on the inventory. And the most important customer service is superb! Available, friendly and reliable. Any issue we encountered was addressed within hours.
Having a mobile App making all the differences between this App and others. HIghly recommended.


Cohub inventory has saved us countless hours on our inventory counts. The iOS companion app connects to our Bluetooth Socket Scanner seamlessly, and the count itself goes as fast as we can scan our inventory UPCs. I had a hiccup with some newer products not scanning properly, and their support replied to my emails in a matter of minutes to help resolve the issue. I highly recommend this to anyone with a large catalog of barcoded inventory.

SAS Shoes | SASnola.com

I have tried soooo many inventory apps with no success. I was looking for something simple - like only inventory! - something that interfaces with my Shopify website, and it possible, could separate my locations, all at a reasonable price!! WOW and guess what - here it is. I was able to train my clerks in less than 15 minutes. We are still learning some of the finer points, but we are up and running. This is a GREAT app!!!!

Equine Goddess(R)

Wir haben Cohub in dieser Woche für unsere Inventur eingesetzt und sind total begeistert. Nach 25 Jahren Inventur-Stress hatten wir zum ersten mal einen komplett störungsfreien und entspannten Ablauf. Die Handhabung ist kinderleicht. Eine komplexe Einweisung unseres Inventur-Team wie in der Vergangenheit, war nicht nötig. Cohub hat das Thema Inventur entzaubert und es geschafft die technische Komplexität aus dem Thema zu nehmen.
Hinzu kommt die Einsparung der Kosten für die Scanner die in der Vergangenheit gemietet werden mussten. Von unserer Seite aus ist Cohub ein absolutes "must have" !!


We've been using Cohub Inventory for almost 6 months now.

Being able to see the actual value of my inventory and potential revenue across several locations at a glance is extremely helpful.

It helps us make better decisions and run a more lean operation. I don't know the exact number, but I would guarantee that this app has helped us save thousands of dollars.

The accompanying mobile app has made it easier for both our warehouse and retail staff to quickly count inventory without any headaches.

Outpost Print Co