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Bewerkt 14 maart 2019

I would be happy to give 5 stars, but when using the google language translator it drops all prices to 4 automatically which is very annoying because most people have the default translator activated.

Legendary Gadget
4 maanden gebruiken de app
ShopPad Inc. heeft geantwoord 14 maart 2019

We are sorry to hear you experienced an issue with Google Translator and Coin.

Here is a document that will walk you through how to integrate Google translate with the app:

Please let us know if you need any help adding the code and we will be happy to assist with placing it.

Team ShopPad

4 augustus 2015

Terrible experience with this app.

It says it integrates with your themes currency selector. This did not happen and ended up converting our prices twice resulting in our prices showing at 20% off normal price.

We have lost thousands in honouring these incorrect prices.


Wholesale Nkimode
22 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 16 januari 2019

could not get anyone to help me move it to upper right corner from the left you just wanted to charge me $20.00 so support was no good

Verenigde Staten
3 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 29 maart 2019

I would like to cancel the subscription because I do not work. The prices used to go up and down alone and for this reason I had to delete the application. I'm not saying it does not work well, but it does not work for me. It is said that crazy numbers go up and down.

1 dag gebruiken de app
ShopPad Inc. heeft geantwoord 3 april 2019

Hi Josep,

Thank you for accepting our invitation so our team could help add the snippet of code for Google Translator (

We appreciate that you tested and confirmed that the app is auto converting and working for your store.

Team ShopPad

2 februari 2020

I really wanted my customers to be able to see the prices automatically in their currency. BUT... For a product that is $21 it shows 21€? Not correct.

Boutique Minimaliste
5 minuten gebruiken de app
ShopPad Inc. heeft geantwoord 3 februari 2020

Hi Marta,

In order for the automatic currency conversion to display on your product pages, you will need to enable the feature by installing the app.

Our team has reached out so we can help install the app and set up the conversion. If you prefer to enable the feature on your own you will need to follow the short steps in this document:

-Annette (Director of Customer Success, ShopPad)

13 september 2019

This is the worst app I have ever "tried" to use. It doesn't install 100% and you need to manualy insert a piece of code. The currency dropdown appears at a random place (like the top left) of the website. What is worst is that they want 20 dollars to do it for you. Really you want 5/month+20 for this app? Wonder how shopify allowed them to have this app. I will contact shopify for this. What a waste of time!
Ongeveer 4 uur gebruiken de app
21 januari 2019

It doesn't work for district theme because the prices chage automatically and for real. Prices are changed in front end and back end. Catastrofic!

Ongeveer 8 uur gebruiken de app
18 maart 2018

when you uninstall this app - the currency box in the left down corner will still be there. It will mess up your original theme.

31 minuten gebruiken de app
21 september 2017

they tried to bill me 20$ to help me out with the installation , how rude is that ?

Qatar Mediterranean Trading
Ongeveer 2 uur gebruiken de app
6 februari 2017

Preview with other Countries/Currencies did not work, so immediately uninstalled.

Verenigde Staten
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