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18. huhtikuu 2023

Collabs is a great system for influencer/affiliate marketing. We have used other apps before and this has really taken the stress and hassle out of everything.
They are constantly evolving and we cannot wait to see what they have in-store next!

Glisten Cosmetics
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17. huhtikuu 2023

Shopify Collabs is a dream come true. It has helped us scale our Affiliate Program and increase overall sales. The automatic payments are convenient as well. I would definitely recommend this app!

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15. huhtikuu 2023

Affiliate manager app for free - what can I say. Love the functionality too. FREE PAYPAL MASS PAYOUTS LETS GOOOO. Wish there was one big button to pay all affiliates at once though.

Fusion Motorsports USA
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18. huhtikuu 2023

Great app and really easy to use.
The tech team are very helpful too.
I would highly recommend using this app to help grow your business using influencers.

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12. maaliskuu 2024


6. toukokuu 2021

Love using Dovetale to manage our influencer marketing campaigns! Best tool out there. Big shoutout to Mike for awesome support.

Violet Healthcare
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10. toukokuu 2021

Beautiful interface that seems too seamless to be true (it isn't). No more jumping between spreadsheets, portals and our Shopify page to make sure each ambassador/affiliate has the right code - everything is done for you. My only regret is not using this years ago. Highly recommend to anyone managing ambassadors and/or affiliate in-house.

Plant People
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16. heinäkuu 2021

Dovetale has really clean UI and intuitive user experience. I'm using it to prospect, manage, and communicate w/ our influencers and we're saving so much time & pain with streamlined process and flow. Highly recommend!!

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12. toukokuu 2021

Dovetale has built extremely powerful filters to find and reach out to the right influencers for your brand. No more manual search and outreach.
Love the ML tool that identifies accounts with high bot ratios.
Thanks Mike + team for building such a useful product for e-commerce merchants!

La Petite Écolière
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26. tammikuu 2023

Love the app. It solves most of our needs, and love that they continue to roll out new features. Collabs makes managing our program seamless and tracking results a breeze. Would recommend anyone to anyone looking to scale their influencer/creator program.

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