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17 februari 2023

Easy to start with, not using the pre-order functionality yet, only the coming soon feature which does exactly what we need.

There were some minor alignment issues, which were swiftly and adequatly handled by support.
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20 december 2022

The program does work but the huge problem is when you put an item to "coming soon" the program automatically puts the item "inventory not tracked" This caused a HUGE issue because on other sales channels it didnt show up as "sold out" or "coming soon" BUT allowed them to BUY IT! We sold 400! of something because they were able to purchase it via a different sales channel. This was VERY BAD. The program should NOT automatically set the item to "not track inventory."
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Gravity Software heeft geantwoord 20 december 2022

Thank you for your review. We are investigating the problem now. A member of our team will contact you shortly.

25 oktober 2022

This app is so handy! It worked right away even with our very custom theme and the couple styling changes I needed were taken care of by support in a matter of hours.

Great Garden Plants
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Bewerkt 12 januari 2023

We found a pretty big flaw in this app, making it surprisingly easy to bypass (ie you could as a visitor buy products before release date with a few simple html hacks) HOWEVER when we made the app developer aware, they fixed this bug. Great work.

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Gravity Software heeft geantwoord 11 januari 2023

We are very sorry if you experienced any problem with the app. Our support team is here to quickly help in case of any issues. We noticed there was an issue. We have fixed it and now the ”coming soon” item is removed from the cart automatically if anyone manages to add it. Please check and let us know if you need any further assistance.

5 september 2022

I have been using this app for a while now and really like the simplicity of it, it's very easy to use. The support is fantastic.

Sporting Icons
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2 mei 2022

This app is great if you have preorder items. The support is very fast, and they solve my issues on a non-business day. I tried a few other apps from the store and this one is the best.

Authentic Band Merch
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2 mei 2022

The support was very fast and they solved my problem within 24 hours. Impressed by the support. Thanks

I Dream of Snow
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14 december 2021

I have a question before installing this app. Is the 'coming-soon' label pre-set or can this be changed to anything I want it to be, within reason?

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Gravity Software heeft geantwoord 15 december 2021


Thank you for interest in our app.

You can change the text as you wish. There is an option in the app admin panel to add a custom text for coming soon products and pre-order products. Please let me know if you have any further questions or need any assistance.

Kind regards,

18 februari 2022

Amazing customer service. We had certain problems that they solved in less than 24 hours. Now it works perfect.

Lady Pipa
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2 juli 2022

I used this app to help me launch enrolment for Courses on a certain day which works perfectly, but what I was most impressed with was the customer service. I had an issue in that one of my collection pages had been created by Pagefly and the app didn't work on that page - I am in the UK and was working on it at 8 in the morning so was not expecting a reply for some hours (not sure where they are based) but within minutes I had a reply and within 30 mins the app was working perfectly!

You Can Folk It!
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