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I've been looking for a good tables app, wasn't really comfortable at the start to install Common Ninja because of the low number of reviews. I tried around 6 to 7 apps and none of them worked for me. They either were hard to use or lacked some features.

So eventually I installed Ninja, there was an issue that the left column were disappearing for some reason, and their support fixed it right away.

The App Has so many features, very customizable in fonts, colors, borders etc and super friendly to use.

Really happy we found them.

Superior Vacuums
Common Ninjaが返信しました 2024年1月24日

Thank you so much for the review 🤩


Bien que l'interface de création de tableaux soit conviviale, j'ai eu du mal à afficher les tableaux que j'ai créés sur toutes mes pages de produits. De plus, 10 $ par mois semble assez cher, et la limite de 2000 vues par mois est rapidement dépassée, nécessitant une mise à niveau vers un plan de niveau supérieur. Je pense que cette application a été quelque peu négligée par rapport à vos autres applications qui fonctionnent de manière transparente.

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Common Ninjaが返信しました 2024年1月11日

Thanks for the feedback, for premium users there's no page views limitation anymore.

As for displaying the tables in product pages, we actually have a tutorial for that in our help center:

If there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know :)


I just installed it and I am going to try it.

But I don't understand if the App really does what it promises on the highest levels, why doesn't it have 5000 downloads and 200 reviews?

Don't get it!

I will give you 5 stars even I didn't use it yet.

Build Sharp
Common Ninjaが返信しました 2023年4月12日

Thanks for the review!

And that's a great question :) We're not actively collecting reviews from our customers, that's why we don't have 200 reviews. But that's definitely something we should start doing.