Givz Donation Driven Marketing

Givz Donation Driven Marketing

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Create Donation Incentives to Drive Sales without Discounts

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Drive Sales without discounts

Drive more sales WITHOUT using costly discounts by offering donation incentives. Appeal to your shoppers without hurting revenue.

Boost engagement & conversions

Donation-driven marketing is proven to attract more shoppers. Get more conversions and boost your average order value.

Everyone wins with Givz

Givz is the first app that creates social impact, boosts store sales and grows customer loyalty. Start using Givz absolutely FREE.

Podrobnosti o Givz Donation Driven Marketing

About Donation Driven Marketing

Add donation incentives to your marketing toolbox and start benefiting from increased sales, AOV, and customer engagement today. Givz post-checkout Shopify app enables you to move away from offering race to the bottom discounts to incentives and campaigns that drive sales AND do good.

Post-Checkout Donations

Traditional cause marketing apps often interfere with the customer's route to checkout. In contrast, Givz driven donations occur after your customer has purchased. Zero clicks or decisions on which charity to choose occur pre-checkout leaving all your current conversion rate optimizations in place. Givz is easy to set up and you can be live with your first incentive in minutes.

How it Works

  • Create your Givz incentives just as you would a regular discount code right within the Shopify admin.
  • Select which charities you would like to feature. Choose from our monthly curated list, or pick your own favorite charities to showcase.
  • Use your existing channels to promote your donation driven marketing campaign to customers and followers.
  • Post-purchase all qualifying customers are free to support your chosen charities or pick one from the list of 1000s we provide via the Givz app.
  • Finally, create an end-to-end transparent experience by sending every customer a personalized confirmation email after their donation.
  • Donations are disbursed via the PayPal Giving Fund each month by Givz on your behalf.

Complete Control

Givz makes it easy to control your incentive work, you can:

  • Set your incentive to be a percentage % of the subtotal or a fixed amount (e.g. 10% of subtotal or $10).
  • Apply to all orders or only those above a certain amount (e.g. every order qualifies or only those over $50).
  • Feature Givz monthly featured charities or pick three of your own.
  • Customize the email confirmation sent to all customers who donate.

The Benefits of Givz

Increase Average Order Value

  • Set a specific spend threshold to encourage customers to buy that extra item - after all, they want it and it's for a good cause now. New Customer Acquisition
  • Attract a brand new audience that is deeply passionate about their own specific causes. Move New and Old Products
  • Announce a new product launch with a give back component, or incentivize the clearance of older stock with a big give back initiative instead of a deep discount. Personal Customer Service
  • The Givz team is on hand to help you set up your account and provide you with the ideas and insights to help you with your donation driven marketing incentives and campaigns.

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  • Up to 20 orders per month
  • Spend threshold
  • Percentage-back

Basic Givz


nebo $15/měsíc fakturováno v částce $180 jednou ročně

  • For stores with fewer than 500 monthly orders
  • Spend threshold
  • Percentage-back



nebo $80/měsíc fakturováno v částce $960 jednou ročně

  • For stores with up to 10,000 monthly orders
  • Spend threshold
  • Percentage-back
  • Coupon codes
  • Product-specific

Advanced Givz


nebo $400/měsíc fakturováno v částce $4,800 jednou ročně

  • For stores with 10,000+ monthly orders
  • Spend threshold
  • Percentage-back
  • Coupon codes
  • Product-specific

* Všechny poplatky jsou fakturovány v USD.
** Opakované platby, včetně měsíčních poplatků nebo poplatků za použití, se fakturují jednou za 30 dnů.

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Givz helps our business and our customers do better, together! Easy to install and use. Thank you, Givz for your constant do-good efforts!

The Dog Parents

We added Givz since we wanted to orient rewarding our clients (dog parents) around giving to animal shelters. Givz made it incredibly easy and allows us to ensure we can live up to our goal to give 10% to profits. The team there is incredibly talented and responsive, and we've been excited about the results.


Drives conversion while doing good. The Givz team is responsive and has been a great partner. It's inspiring to see how well our featured causes align with our customers' choices of charities to support.