Word‑of‑mouth booster

Word‑of‑mouth booster

da CoolBeez

Word-of-mouth recommendations that actually work for your shop

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Word-of-mouth for your shop

Seed and incentivize word-of-mouth between friends.

Easy to set up

Set up automated post-sale routine customized for your shop.

Track and analyze

Track performance of each recommendation link, analyze referral sales data.

Su Word‑of‑mouth booster

CoolBeez Word-of-mouth booster seeds and incentivizes word of mouth between friends as part of your post-sale routine

Boost your sales, engage your customers as ambassadors and grow revenues through our easy-to-set-up recommendation platform.

Why CoolBeez Word-of-mouth booster works for your online shop

Friends recommendations influence a lot of purchase decisions, they work particularly well for fast moving consumer goods.

Such recommendations often happen in a casual environment, during social communication, either physical or online. Friends can share CoolBeez recommendations for products they love on their mobile phone within seconds. It is fast and easy to use.

How CoolBeez Word-of-mouth booster works for your online shop

You customize email communication templates with your branding, logo, text, etc.

You set up automatic scheduling to send out emails.

You track sent emails.

You get reports on recommendations views, how much traffic you get to your shop from CoolBeez recommendations, actual orders in your online shops made on the basis of recommendations, commissions and issued discounts.

Fast and Easy

Initial setup can be completed very fast - just have your logo file ready at hand.

After initial setup everything happens automatically. You do not need to spend any more time – only check reports and revenues from recommendations.

Full control

You fully control your customer data and your customer experience. You decide on the parameters and frequency of email campaigns, emails appearances, details and amount of incentives to your ambassadors.

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