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21 juli 2023

It is causing our store cart page loading forever. Uninstalled it and the issue is gone. Fix it guys.

Gravgear AU
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Corner: Referrals, Upsell & Rewards heeft geantwoord 22 juli 2023

Our engineers are Investigating this issue on high priority, will keep update you soon!

Update 1: The issue was identified and fixed by our on-call engineering team! Update is being released now.

Update 2: The release is now live in all stores.

Update 3: Post Mortem/Context on this issue:

Who were affected?

Stores that enabled only our sticky add to cart feature, but did not enable our cart drawer.

What was the issue?

An update we pushed 24 hours ago to speed up the loading of the cart widget on cart pages had an edge case where if our cart drawer was not enabled, the cart page will go into an infinite loading loop.

What's the current status?

Our on-call engineering team identified and fixed this as soon as we noticed this. No action is needed from merchants, the fix has been released to all affected stores and is now live in production. If you have concerns/questions, our merchant partner team is on stand by to answer any questions!

24 februari 2021

Bad app for a sticky add to cart... cchcuzhcuhzudhuzdhuz efefefzf effefefefefef fe fe f fe fe fef ef f

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Corner: Referrals, Upsell & Rewards heeft geantwoord 24 februari 2021


I'm Arun, the co-founder at Corner. My sincere apologies for your frustration. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with our app.

Can you give me a little more information about what went wrong? I combed through all our live chat of today and did not find any from your store.

Someone from my team will reach out to you via email, but just FYI, we are very active in both our chat and email channels for support or any questions from our clients.

We would have loved to have a chance to strike up a conversation with you, more to learn about how we can improve the app or what went wrong in your specific use case.

I wish you had pinged us in chat or sent an email at the first moment you felt something was missing.

But "past is past" 🙃 and I am hoping to hear from you soon so that we can quickly clear things up 🤝

Hoping to hear from you soon though!