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Bewerkt 2 mei 2024

We really like using this application, it certainly has a number of features that others apps don't. The pricing is perfect; so no issues there. More customisation options are definitely needed though, with the addition of integration with other apps. Quick checkout buttons are also important (Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon; etc). We may consider to continue using this. Recommended.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
6 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 22 november 2020

Great app, Need add cart to products on the collection page, Great Customer support, very helpful and willing to give information on other apps i was looking for that do other functions as well.
Verenigde Staten
Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
7 juli 2022

Excelente aplicativo, muito funcional, super recomendo, vai ajudar muito na sua loja, der uma olhada no que oferecem

6 maanden gebruiken de app
17 juli 2022

Seems to push updates to your app without advising that affect store functionality.
We NEED the Cart page for certain functionality this was overridden recently without knowledge to us which caused several orders to be incomplete. Would suggest Opt IN not Opt OUT

Flowers Gold Coast
3 maanden gebruiken de app
Corner: Referrals, Upsell & Rewards heeft geantwoord 17 juli 2022

I'm terribly sorry about this. The update to 2.0 added several more features, but you are right. It should have been opt-IN not opt-OUT.

We did our best to ensure to map all our existing customer's previous settings in the old version of the app to the corresponding new ones in 2.0, but unfortunately we missed this edge case. Clearly, we have so much to improve!

Once again, I'm sincerely sorry for this less than ideal experience. You guys deserve the best. We have reached out separately to you via email to help sort this out. I promise you, we will do better in future.

Arun Augustine
Co-founder & CEO at Corner

14 oktober 2020

Didn't quite use the full features but the 'Mini-Cart' feature looks slick & straight forward to use. Very helpful so users don't have to click on the 'Cart' to know what they have order. Lots of rooms for improvements =)

10 dagen gebruiken de app
Corner: Referrals, Upsell & Rewards heeft geantwoord 15 oktober 2020

We love it when customers have suggestions for us!! Arun, one of the founders here at Cornercart said he would really love to have a conversation with you. He will be reaching out to you via email. We are really looking forwards to adding those improvements soon 😎

14 augustus 2021

I use both the sticky bar and the widget, and they look and feel great. My store's in multi languages, so I needed a sticky add to cart-app that worked in many languages. Only thing from keeping it from 5 stars is that I only wanted the widget on desktop and not on phone, which can't ve done. It's either on or off. Great customer support too.

2 dagen gebruiken de app
19 september 2020

This widget is amazing. I love how You can change the debth the button appears in the scroll. The only issue is that if your product has different variants, it doesn't integrate well with the button. Other than that no complaints

Anime At Night
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Ongeveer 9 uur gebruiken de app
Corner: Referrals, Upsell & Rewards heeft geantwoord 19 september 2020

Thank you for your review. We do support multiple product variants, it’s just that by default they are hidden in the mobile version of your store (visible by default on desktop versions). We think on smaller screen spaces whether to show the variant selection should be an explicit choice of the merchant, which is why we turn it off by default. A team member have reached out to you via email if we can possibly help you set it up as you prefer.

28 september 2021

Is a good app and support is quickly handle my question. They are very nice and patient, they help me a lot.

Petite Simone
Ongeveer 6 uur gebruiken de app
27 oktober 2020

Really great product. The button is small, but works fine and has great options to choose from (variant selector, quantity selector, page scroll, etc). I have two comments that seem to make this app "incomplete", although it has what I seek. The first, is to add a animation to "shake" the button. Additionally, it would be good to make the button a bit bigger so it is more noticeable and I have big fingers so I almost closed out of the page. But hopefully this helps with conversions because I have a long product description. But it is free and I appreciate what it offers.

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Ongeveer een uur gebruiken de app
16 mei 2020

I had to delete it because it needs more customization - BUT - it might have more potential than any app I've seen in a very long time. We would want to disable just the assistant or offers in the cart if we want to. Charge us something to remove your branding (that would be worth paying for). Allow us to select, Desktop, Mobile or Both as options where the cart is shown. Allow us to access this using a sticky bar at the bottom of the page rather than a cart icon, it looks so much better on mobile. I can't wait to see how this product develops. I'm looking forward to re-installing it.

Verenigde Staten
10 minuten gebruiken de app
Corner: Referrals, Upsell & Rewards heeft geantwoord 21 mei 2020

Considerate reviews like yours boost our enthusiasm to keep improving Cornercart like nothing else!!

I waited for a couple of days to reply to you because, today, we just launched a whole set of customization options which include controlling the size, position, and behavior of the mini-cart on mobile and desktop.

Regarding ConvertPlus features like Assistant and offers, we have some features brewing that we hope to release in a couple of weeks. And based on your feedback, we have added more customization options to the pot.

The option to remove branding will be available when we launch our paid plans. We wanted to make sure Cornercart realizes it's full potential and ensures that it creates real value to you, our customers before we start charging for it.

Once again, thank you so much for your feedback and hope to see you back soon.