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2 gennaio 2024

I go to follow the youtube video and the link to embed my widget and nothing on my page looks the same as to where to add my widget. really wish there was a better customer service for help

La Pine Rodeo
Stati Uniti
2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Widgetic ha risposto 12 gennaio 2024

Hi there. Please note the app is available for both embedding with code, but also for Online Store 2.0, where you drag and drop it in the visual editor.

Be sure to check both guides here:

14 marzo 2021

I absolutely loved this app along with many other widgetic apps. I used several on my website. Unfortunately all of them have seemed to crash or are non-existent. They all showed error codes all over my website. Not to mention, all of my data within the apps is not accessible. I had alot of information written and stored in many of their apps that I now have to completely re-write & reconfigure. I will not be using widgetic apps anymore because they are not reliable. Customers looking at a website with multiple error codes displayed does not create a welcoming, safe or secure website image for my company.

Bub And Bloom
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Circa un anno di utilizzo dell’app
Widgetic ha risposto 15 marzo 2021

Sorry, it should be back live now. We did some maintenance on our server infrastructure and the widgets were down for a few hours. Best wishes!