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3 februari 2024

does not work properly, the loading bar stays full and does not display any urgency, the support chat is also very unresponsive

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27 december 2023

It’s good

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24 januari 2024

aint working

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9 november 2023

ca marche pas

Jet shop
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10 november 2022

so far i cant get the app to work correctly its really shitty cuz i like the features i just wished they worked properly

Urban Kustoms
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19 dagen gebruiken de app
13 mei 2022

It does what it advertises, but that is about it. Every item is selected by default, so you have to remove items one by one that you don't want to have the stock show. Also, you can't add any rules like only showing stock when there is less than five.

Sports & Fitness Exchange
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24 februari 2023

There are 2 big things with this app:
- If you have a large portfolio of items, and you want to show your countdown bar to some specific items, you need to deactivate the bar for each item, yes, one by one.
- If you have a product with let's say 10 variations and each variation has 10 items in stock, on the main product it will show 100 units in stock, which will confuse the clients and won't have an impact over them.

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