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27. červen 2024

The 7 day free trial seems to be untrue for any of the plans apart from the lowest one, so just be aware if that going into to testing this app. After getting confused, I asked for a refund of the highest tier after 30 minutes as it did not do what we needed, and unfortunately, since the free trial was false, we lost the $36.99 - We reached out for a refund, with absolutely no hard feelings, but we haven't received a response in 2 weeks. Also be warned of their reply to reviews, I can see they cannot handle feedback and tend to lash out at these.

Wild Petals
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17. duben 2024

This app requires an advanced degree in integration and development. Not user friendly. Inability to cancel without extensive written chats with Leo and Shopify. Disappointing!

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Vývojář Penida odpověděl 13. červen 2024

Shelley used the app for 21 days then asked for a FULL refund which I gave her (without asking any question). I get it that some people are not comfortable with tech things even though i've tried to make my app as easy to use as possible but I know I still need to improve a few things here and there.

Then she harasses me on the Live Chat of my app even though I told him the refund will be there on her next shopify bill (which I don't handle, Shopify does). Keep in mind all her messages were answered within 3 min on my Live Chat.

Then she leaves me 1-star because... why not ?

Then she never replies back to my numerous emails explaining her the whole situation and how I can't speed up the billing cycle because a month is 30 days and that can't be shortened.

Honestly, I wish we could rate users the same way they rate us like on Uber app so my fellow app developers would not let this kind of person rated 1-star install their app.

1. říjen 2023

This app probably works but I had to post pone my Shopify Shop opening. I paused my shop and the app continued to charge me. SO I uninstalled the app and they continued to charge me despite confirming it was uninstalled. I am still waiting for a full refund as I never - not once used the app.

My Store
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Vývojář Penida odpověděl 14. listopad 2023

I would like to clarify that billing for apps on the Shopify platform is managed directly by Shopify and not by individual app developers.

It seems that your 1-star review is only focused on the billing system, which is beyond our control. However, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, so I have proactively issued a full refund from our end as a gesture of goodwill.

Additionally, I've made several attempts to reach out to you via email to resolve this matter promptly and am concerned that you may not have received these communications. Could you please check your spam or junk folder to see if our messages were inadvertently redirected there?

Thank you for your understanding, and I hope you'll receive this review reply as my emails seem to get lost in your spam folder :) !

1. červenec 2023

Terrible customer service they never answer their chat. I have had staff waste HOURS just sitting and waiting for a response to a simple task. So if this is how simple task are handled I would never trust this company with anything major like my customers.

Eclectic Branding
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Vývojář Penida odpověděl 10. červenec 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. I genuinely regret to hear about your recent experience and appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

As the sole founder of this venture, I strive to provide exceptional service to every customer. Your chat was answered by me personally within 45 minutes on a Saturday night at 11pm. I understand that in today's fast-paced world, time is of the essence, and I am continually working towards minimizing response times. But i'm only a human being and despite my best effort i can't be online 7/24 :)

Please note that I deeply value every interaction with my customers, regardless of whether it involves a simple task or a major concern. Each of your questions and issues are important to me, and I assure you I treat them all with equal seriousness and respect.

I want to mention that I've tried to reach out to you multiple times to extend my personal apology and work with you directly to resolve any lingering issues. Please do feel free to connect with me if there's anything further you need; my primary goal is to ensure you are satisfied and all your concerns are effectively addressed.

I've contacted you on your website contact form, on your shopify email and on your professionnal email that can be found online. You unfortunately did not get back to me :(

On a final note, the nature of your review has led me to question its authenticity. Considering the efforts I've made to resolve this situation and the typical experiences my customers have, I'm left wondering if this could be an attempt from a competitor to impact my ratings negatively. Especially given that you've rated 5-star
"Appointly: Appointment Booking" praising their customer service the day right before leaving me a 1-star review. Never to be seen again. Really weird.

Regardless, if your review is from a genuine customer, I sincerely hope we can work together to improve your experience. Your satisfaction is my topmost priority, and I'd be grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate this to you.

7. prosinec 2022

Esta aplicación es una de las aplicaciones más irritantes de Shopify. Cada vez que trato de ir y agregar una página de reserva, intenta cobrarme. Cada vez que hago clic en algo, intenta cobrarme. Solo quiero probar y usar el plan gratuito antes de poder pagar. No tengo problema para pagar PERO POR QUÉ QUIERES COBRARME CADA VEZ. Ni siquiera puedo hacer una página de reserva. Estoy tan frustrado. Mejore su aplicación

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Vývojář Penida odpověděl 31. březen 2023

TL;DR : it's a fake store. Don't mind this review.

Here are the facts.

Fact #1 He has also left a few other 1-star reviews on other booking apps (such as this one : ). My best guess would be it's shop owned by a competitor as he's targetting apps that rank high for keyword such as "booking" and "appointment".

Fact #2 : He is on a paid Shopify (costing him 468€/year) which allow him to leave review but somehow its store has never been published for the past year. Neither a domain has been purchased. The only purpose of this store is to leave bad review. Feel free to check that yourself : .

Fact #3 : I sent him a few emails (dec 7th, dec 12th, dec 16th, dec 23th) offering him the Premium version of the app for 3 months so he would see he it fits his needs. He got back to me saying he would try the app again but in reality never did which made me think he had no intent to even use the app in the first place. He just wanted to leave a bad review no matter what. Proof of that :

Fact #4 : the review is simply not true. You can try Cowlendar and click on "new booking page". It will only ask you to upgrade to the premium version if you click on one of the premium features where it's clearly written "premium feature" with a star next to it when the feature is a premium one. Also all those feature are located in a "premium features" box at the very bottom of the page. For the record more than 3,000 shops are using the free version of the app on a daily basis, registering more than 50,000 bookings per day. It's really free as long as you don't need the premium features.

I believe I found out (as of march 31th) who was behind that review. I just want to let you know I'll submit everything to Shopify and I will file a complaint for public defamation to my nearest police station today. Being bullied online by someone hiding under a fake name and a fake store is not something I - nor Shopify - should take slightly.

On a side note : If you are reading this review and are unhappy with my app, I strongly urge you to leave me a constructive negative review to give me a kick in the butt. If the 1-star review is due to a issue/bug with my app, I will do everything in my power to fix that issue/bug and I will deeply apologize for any harm caused to your business.