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23 de janeiro de 2024

App functions as designed, but we have had occasional issues where it has fallen over during high traffic events like Black Friday. When this happens it cripples the website because it waits for a long time trying to load unavailable scripts.

At $5.99/month it is reasonably priced for what it does. Unfortunately, attempting to install it on another store we were confronted with a minimum price of $39/month, simply because we're on Shopify Plus. It seems that the developer seeks to price gouge anyone on higher Shopify plans "just because", which is disappointing.

Proto-col (EU)
Reino Unido
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Editado a 23 de janeiro de 2024

This app works well, but it has stopped working silently on more than one occasion due to hosting issues - i.e. the server that hosts the script that this app uses is unavailable or returns no or invalid data. When this happens - as you'd expect - the redirection stops working, and you might only find out when customers who ought not to be able to access a website suddenly can, etc. If the hosting for the app's scripts were more reliable I'd not hesitate to recommend them. They ought to be using something like AWS to ensure uptime.

2024 UPDATE: At some point the developer has made the pricing based on Shopify subscription level, for no reason that I can see other than greed. You can't choose to have minimal functionality on a Plus store, you have to pay the top rate. Disappointing, and rules this out for future deployments.

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