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Hassle free cross selling that's super fast

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Why Cross-selling by Smoothie?

Our cross-selling app is way easier to handle than any other app out there and it's very reliable plus built for scale. Our display is clean and modern, offering you the ability to search for and select multiple related products at once. With our drag and drop feature plus instant search you won't be stuck for time either, when curating the products for cross selling. The designs of the products cross selling row are the same as the collection page - an important feature that makes your website look clean and professional.

Additional Features

  • Automatic installation - no inserting of code snippet for supported themes

  • Set default products for your cross-sells or edit product by product

  • Popup function: when a client clicks “add to cart”, a window with suggested products pops up

  • Design integrations use the same style as the collection page of your theme

  • Customisable/optional heading text for any cross-selling row

  • All language/text can be customised as you please

  • Choose the number of products you’d like to be displayed at the cross-selling row

Super fast and super reliable, but how?

Typically, the main reason for a Shopify app to be slow or to have downtime is because the content delivered to your customers depends on the server of the app. Currently, every cross selling & up-selling app on Shopify works this way... except ours. This means we don't have to pay for very large servers, and can offer the app at a much lower price point. Cross selling - by is built to handle scale, because 100% of the app's content that your customers receive is delivered from Shopify servers which are highly reliable and are build for Black Friday & Cyber Monday traffic.

But why is cross selling so important?

Cross selling is the simple practice of selling additional products or services that are related to the original item that a customer is looking for. When you set up a shop, you want to sell as many products as you can. If you can sell your whole stock at once, better for you. But if you don't have the right techniques to present your products, your customers may buy as little as they can, and because you are not physically present to convince your customers to buy more, you need the help of automated services to do the work for you. This is why our cross selling app is your best ally: we offer the cross selling facilities you need, providing you special tools, like the popups and facility to install as we do not require you to do any sort of coding or pasting snippets.






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Fast support and great app. It was easy to add the plugin to my shop, it fits the theme and it's got a fair price in my opinion.

My Stationery Place

Absolutely fantastic customer service!! I really like the app and its functions! Highly recommend!!!!


Absolutely excellent app, very easy to use and professional customer support.
I asked for the setup because I have a theme installed that they were not offering in the default installation.
And I was really impressed . Big thanx to Patrick who really offered to make the app ready for the theme. and in no time I had - Get the Look- the cross-selling function that I needed ready in no time.
Great design to match the theme.

I highly recommend.
Thank you Patrick