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7 mei 2024

Does exactly what it needs to do.
A couple years back Shopify had the Order Import feature, but for some reason they removed it. I've tried many different apps until I found this one.

It works perfect. I used 1 CSV to import customer data via normal Shopify customer import then a second CSV via this app. It took me about 20-30 minutes to setup the CSV properly then it just ran a couple thousand orders.

It also synced the orders to the made customer profiles.

If you need to import order data, this is the perfect app for it!

27 dagen gebruiken de app
14 februari 2024

I recently had the pleasure of utilizing Matt's Order's Up! solution during a critical time when I was transitioning data from my old custom-built PHP ecommerce platform. I needed to migrate approximately 100,000 orders and 10,000 customers, and to my amazement, Order's Up! handled the task flawlessly. Initially, I was skeptical about the smoothness of such a massive migration, but the software proved to be exceptionally reliable, transferring all my data seamlessly and integrating comprehensive order statistics from my previous system into my new Shopify store.

During the process, I encountered an issue with a massive bulk order deletion. However, upon reaching out to the app support, Matt promptly responded, not only fixing the bug swiftly but also enhancing the app's functionality for future users. It's evident that this solution was crafted from Matt's personal experience and the challenges he faced managing both a retail and a wholesale store. His dedication to solving these complex issues shines through the product's performance.

Matt's solution facilitated a seamless order migration for me, making what could have been a daunting task surprisingly straightforward. I wholeheartedly recommend Order's Up! to anyone looking for an efficient and reliable data migration tool for Shopify. The pricing is also very reasonable, offering great value for the service it delivers. Hats off to Matt and his innovative solution!

Ulla Jacobsson Kläder
5 maanden gebruiken de app
27 maart 2024

Took 10 hours to properly setup with Wix data & rather difficult to get your subscription deactivated.

Savor The Local
Verenigde Staten
17 dagen gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 29 maart 2024

Sorry you had a bad experience. I didn't see any support emails come through... you should have reached out! I'm here to help.

Also to deactivate your subscription, you just need to uninstall the app (or select the free plan) - it couldn't be easier!

8 februari 2024

Doesn't work as they say, and the prices showed here are smaller than the real prices in the app.

Keida Test
Ongeveer een uur gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 9 februari 2024

Hi there. Please reach out to me if you have troubles with the app. I will be happy to help out.

The prices shown are the annual fee broken down by month, but I agree they should be updated.

Thanks for the feedback.

29 november 2023

Massively underrated resource! This was recommended by a Shopify staff member and I'm glad they did because they're not easy to find through the app store. Everything went fairly smoothly, and I successfully uploaded over 2000 orders and automatically created over 1000 customer accounts! They're very well priced compared to other apps as well, would use again.

Carbon Chic
1 dag gebruiken de app
3 augustus 2023

this is exactly what we were looking for, plus you can install in the customers cart page so they can prefill cart w/ their csv order

Verenigde Staten
9 maanden gebruiken de app
27 oktober 2023

I'm using this to import our wholesale orders - as most of our customers send their orders in a spreadsheet. This app is perfect for my needs, and is an absolute gamechanger for my business. What's even better, is the absolute excellent support provided. Matt added some customisation for me, which I expected could take a little while but he did it instantaneously! I highly recommend this app.

B2B Hobby-lines
Verenigd Koninkrijk
4 dagen gebruiken de app
29 juni 2023

This app was a life-saver when I needed to import orders from a different platform. Very intuitive interface, fair pricing, and the support offered was fast and next level.

I highly recommend this app for anyone needing to import their orders into Shopify!

Maxii Luxii
Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
15 december 2022

Despite some shortcomings, I give it 5 stars as it got the job done for us. Seems to be the best in class for this need.

Peg's Salt
Verenigde Staten
1 dag gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 15 december 2022

Thanks for the review! Please contact us for any suggestions or improvements to the app. I'm happy to customize it to further meet your needs.

16 april 2021

Very easy to install,and worked immediately with test orders. It's great for our requirements for entering large draft orders.

ChefsWarehouse | UK Professional Catering Equipment & Supplies
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Ongeveer 3 uur gebruiken de app