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Hello! I would like to share my experience of using the CJdropshipping platform. This is truly an amazing tool for those who are into dropshipping. One of its main advantages is excellent user support. The team is always ready to help with any questions or problems that may arise.

Another advantage of CJdropshipping is its ease of use. Importing products from a website to your store has become much easier thanks to an intuitive interface and convenient tools.

In addition, the platform offers a wide range of products, which allows you to choose the best options for your business.

Overall, I am very pleased with working with CJdropshipping and recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable partner for their dropshipping business.


I came across an issue (which was due do me know knowing how to work with multiple suppliers) and I was reluctant to get customer service support because whenever I call any companies customer support, I end up on the phone for like 4 hours. Arlene at CJ dropshippings customer service fixed my problem in under nine minutes. Overall great app, amazing features, low fees, and very user oriented. One hundred percent recommend

Pawfectly Theirs

If you are looking to start in e-commerce and you came across CJ definitely do not delay. And I can’t tell you blessed I am with my agent Royce Zhang! He is my e-commerce Angel!!!!
I am only a couple months into my e-commerce journey and my agent, Royce Zhang has gone above and beyond. He is incredible and is always there for me with ensuring I get the best prices, service, and gives me high quality product images. He has made my life and e-commerce journey so smooth. He cares about me and always checks In to make sure my products are working and how I like my samples. He truly goes above and beyond to find out the information I need from my manufactures and does it with a smile. He is happy to help me and I am so glad I found him and CJ. He has made my journey much easier and I will never take his services for granted. Thank you for everything brother.

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I am writing this review specifically for our CJ agent Berry Gan. My fiance and I just started a new business and are new to CJ. Berry has been our agent since the beginning, and he is ALWAYS willing to help us with any questions we may have. We have been assisted by other agents, but Berry is literally the best agent for us. Many times we message Berry multiple times during the day, and he is always there with a positive attitude and patience willing to help us out. We are very lucky to have Berry as our CJ agent. We would give Berry Gan 1000 stars, but unfortunately, we can only give him 5. Thank you, Berry, for all you do!!!!

Trendiez U ♥

Been working for a while now CJDropshipping and I can't really say anything negative about them. Products get shipped fast and reliable and I love their warehousing system for extremely fast shipping times. Much thanks to my private agent Jolee, she has always been very friendly and helpful. Overall I recommend using CJDropshipping as your supplier.


I am absolutely thrilled with my experience with CJ Dropshipping, especially because of the exceptional service provided by Cherry Xu. this dedication and professionalism exceeded my expectations.

Cherry Xu's ability to respond quickly and appropriately to every question I had was nothing short of impressive. Whether it was specific product information, logistics details or general questions about the Dropshipping process, I received a clear and helpful answer right away. this expertise and friendliness made the communication process very smooth and pleasant.

this personalized approach gave me the confidence that I was dealing with a reliable partner.

All in all, I highly recommend CJ Dropshipping especially with the fantastic service I received from Cherry Xu. it is rare to find such a dedicated person committed to the success of her clients. Thank you CJ Dropshipping, and a special thanks to Cherry Xu for the exceptional support.

Focus on Trend

As a first-time user of CJDropshipping, I am beyond impressed with the outstanding service and support I've received. From the very beginning, navigating through the website was intuitive and user-friendly, making my entire dropshipping journey smooth and straightforward.

The range of products available is extensive, and the ease of integration with my Shopify store was seamless, making the process of setting up my business very simple. they also incredible customer service team.

my agent Ceci answered all my questions in a very prompt, professional manner, ensuring that I felt supported and valued at every step.


I've been utilizing CJ Dropshipping for a while now, and it's been an integral part of the growth and success of my online store. The platform itself is incredibly organized and user-friendly, which made my initial journey into dropshipping much smoother than anticipated. Like any newcomer to the e-commerce scene, I've encountered my share of questions and uncertainties. Thankfully, the Customer Support team at CJ Dropshipping has consistently been a beacon of clarity and assistance.

Most recently, I needed specific information regarding shipping options to ensure my products could reliably reach my customers. This is crucial for me, as I aim to provide the best possible service and product availability. It was in this context that I had the pleasure of interacting with agent Billy. Billy's support was nothing short of exceptional. He was not only responsive and clear in his communication but also went above and beyond to ensure I had all the necessary information and tools at my disposal. His guidance made it easy for me to navigate the platform and make informed decisions about my inventory and shipping strategies.


Working with CJ was the best decision i could ever make. I'm more then happy that I got an own Agent who's really a great help. My agent LUNA handle everything I request with professionalism and kindness. If if I ask her like 20 questions in under 10 minutes she still cool and handle everything very professional. Can't wait to work more with her and creating a solid business.

GiaFraCreations GbR

I started using CJ Dropshipping and was facing some difficulties then I had the pleasure of interacting with Yoyo from customer support, and I must say, it was an exceptional experience. Yoyo's professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to solving my issue surpassed my expectations. Not only did Yoyo provide prompt assistance, but they also went above and beyond to ensure that I received the best solution possible. Their clear communication and friendly demeanor made the entire process seamless and stress-free.

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