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19 januari 2024

This dropshipping site turned out to be a complete disappointment. Let's start with the quality of the products - it was subpar, not matching the descriptions. Many items arrived damaged, and getting a refund became a real headache. The delivery times were significantly longer than stated, rendering my business less efficient.

The site also failed to provide adequate customer support. My inquiries about order statuses and refund issues went unanswered. The website interface is challenging to navigate, and product information is incredibly unclear.

In the end, I not only lost time but also money. I strongly advise avoiding this site if you're serious about pursuing dropshipping and building a sustainable business.

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3 februari 2024

I have been trying to access my account with no assistance.

Alia's All & Any-Thing
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6 december 2023

CJ Dropshipping, simply put, is a nightmare. I'm in the process of delistng all products on my Shopify store that I've sourced from the app and would recommend that anyone unfortunate enough to have tried to use them to do the same. Compared to AliExpress/DSer, CJ's fulfillment system is cumbersome to the point of being non-existent. You can follow all of the excessive steps needed to list a product, only to learn, after a customer has ordered one, that it never "synced," even though you did everything right. You're also likely to find, once a customer has ordered a product sourced from CJ, that they don't actually have the item available even though you sourced it from their app, and that they never bothered to notify you of that issue, even after you've paid CJ for item and assume (incorrectly) that they have started the fulfillment process. CJ's support is equally abysmal. The agents available through their chat app, though polite, seem to lack proficiency in English or sufficient familiarity with how their app works. So if you're unfortunate enough to get yourself in a chat session with them, you'll find them seemingly answering your questions in riddles or hints, not out of any intention to give you a hard time, but because that is apparently the best that they can do. If you put in the hours (or days, or years) to try to get a real answer and solution, you'll find out -- assuming you haven't already died of old age -- that more than likely there is no real solution, other than going through a cumbersome process of refunding your customer for a product they will never receive. The only possibly redeeming feature about CJ, or so I thought, is that even though their products are almost always more expensive than those found on DSer/AliExpress, that their shipping is faster. I really haven't found that to be the case simply because their system doesn't work well. I'm hoping that with this review that I can spare my fellow Shopify store owners the same grief that I've experienced with CJ. This review is not based on a try or two with the app. It's based on my giving it a real chance, along with hours and hours of time spent on their unhelpful self-help web pages, videos and chat sessions. If anyone, anywhere, anytime, recommends you try CJ Dropshipping, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!

Radiant Dezigns
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12 januari 2024

The shipping service is not good at all. No contact made to correct the issues. I will not use this platform again. Beware of their after service!

Mirror Youth
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19 januari 2024

stay away from cj. THEM SCAMMERS
They will never deliver. I have a bad experience with them.

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20 december 2023

Cjdropshipping is a Big Scam, very very incompetence, they don't deliver orders, after purchasing they'll ask you to call local pickup after the orders are been returned to the sender, their wharehouse, very imcompetence and they don't have any refund service at all, all they know is while away your time with endless arguments, they're a big scam they have no any inventories at all they just rebuy and try to cheaply ship it without any control at all non of my orders were deliver RUN FROM THIS SCUMBAGS

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18 december 2023

Very slow delivery. I have two customers still waiting for their items from Nov. 25, 2023. Ridiculous!!!!!!!!! My Shopify Store is going to go down with the amount of time it takes to ship and deliver to my customers. Thinking of dropping CJ for my store.

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24 december 2023

I paid for fast delivery but experienced delays due to internal issues, resulting in a delivery time of over 3 weeks and being compelled to accept it; I advise avoiding this dropshipping service.

Aes Watch Band
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Bewerkt 22 januari 2024

very unsatisfied with CJ dont deserve not a single star.cusotmer placed order 17JAN and on whats app they have told me customer order black color but only white available. Customer confirmed white color and on 20 JAN i asked for order status and on whatsapp agent told me i have to wait as order processing time is 3 to 5days and today 22/01/2024 after 5days they telling its completely out of stock. Pathetic. Their review section reply these are just autamed machines but in real they dont care at all

Supplies For you
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9 december 2023

They say much faster. But it is much slow. I am writing this after 13th days and they still could not deliver my order yet. My customer is behind me for the order. They don't have control over the logistic, no tracking update after one week also. Even customer care on chat never provide me a proper detail on it nor my private agent Gina Ge who never answered my queries nor she never tried to connect with me. Each and every day new agents reply on whatsapp. I am not at all satisfied with their service. It's not at all suitable for India. Don't go with this guys. It's a trap. My orders are struck after one update that is "Shipment handed over for line haul/ delivery" and no further update. They provided local courier contact details, mobile is switched off, landline no answer, e-mail no response. This is there value to customers. Never recommended.

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