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20 de março de 2023

From my experience, the app has proven to be an excellent resource for anyone looking to source products from a reliable supplier.

One of the things that impresses me the most about CJ Dropshipping is the speed at which everything is done. Their processing times are among the fastest in the industry, and I have never had to wait long for my orders to be fulfilled. The app's user interface is also very intuitive, making it easy to navigate and place orders quickly.

In addition to their fast processing times and user-friendly interface, I have found the staff at CJ Dropshipping to be highly reliable. Whenever I have had a question or concern, they have been quick to respond and offer helpful solutions. Their customer service is truly top-notch, and I have always felt confident in their ability to provide me with the support I need.

Overall, I highly recommend the CJ Dropshipping app to anyone looking for a reliable supplier. Their amazing staff, fast processing times, and reliable service make them stand out from other similar services in the industry.

The Dose Store
About 1 month usando a aplicação
15 de setembro de 2023

I've been in this for a month now and working together with CJ which has been a great choice! They have a huge range of products and if it's not there you can place a sourcing request (will try this soon). Their personal agents are also super friendly and helpful, you can ask almost anything and they will do whatever they can with great help. I am working with Niky and definitely recommend her. I can't wait to grow an amazing store together!

Estados Unidos
18 days usando a aplicação
Editado a 3 de fevereiro de 2023

This service has been pretty interesting so far. I was looking for a service that handled custom packaging and fulfillment. So it seems they are a good fit. I’m just getting started. I have had some questions along the way. Billy and Zoey with their customer service were very helpful and patient with me as I’m going through this new process. I appreciate the good customer service thus far. Once I have had some orders fulfilled I’ll come back for another review.

Estados Unidos
8 months usando a aplicação
27 de setembro de 2023

Many people talk about using CJ Dropshipping instead of AliExpress but what they don't mention is that CJ Dropshipping lists items as being "in stock" and let's you purchase the items but then sends you a message to tell you they don't actually have the item in stock. This may be a problem if you have hundreds of items listed in your website. I placed a test order for a new dropshipping site and this was the first issue I ran into but thankfully CJ Dropshipping assigns agents to all sellers and our agent is Zoey Zheng. Zoey was amazing at explaining the process to me and it is possible to have items delivered straight to CJ Dropshipping's warehouse and held as private inventory so you don't run into that problem again. Also, if you check with your agent before you list an item on your store, you can see if them item is actually in stock.

Thanks so much to Zoey for being there to guide us through this process!

Torri Bits
Estados Unidos
5 days usando a aplicação
Editado a 25 de junho de 2023

Jocelyn Yan is very helpful and responsive. I requested additional information for a product in my store and she was able to not only share what material it is and where it was manufactured but she also gathered detailed information about the size and dimensions of the product as well.

Thank you for a friendly and professional service experience.

Angel Li is Great! She shared a demonstration about how to import reviews to my store, walked me through the process of POD, and advised me on Custom Packaging. She is knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions fast and easy.

I really appreciate her quality service and support.

Overall, CJ Dropshipping is reliable and offers great partnership. Open and Clear Communication is Key.

I added over 390 products to my store and thanks to Vincy Xi, she suggested and advised me how to submit my support tickets in order for the rest of the team to assist me effectively and efficiently.

They were able to confirm, clarify, and elaborate which products were available, out of stock, low in stock, non-replenishment, and if the SKUs weren't working they even suggested similar products to replace the original. Their response and resolution time frame is impeccable.

I honestly must say that CJ Dropshipping has put my mind at ease knowing that if there is ever an issue or concern, they are here to assist and support. Thank you so much!

EYE-SESS Designs
Estados Unidos
4 months usando a aplicação
21 de julho de 2023

I recently had a problem with delivery times which turned out to be a problem with the handling of IOSS and contacted support for help. My agent, Jolee, was truly a saving angel! She was incredibly professional and quick to respond. In addition, she was very knowledgeable and came up with suggestions for solutions and explained what would happen at each step.

Her expertise made me feel completely safe and confident that the problem would be solved in the best possible way. She took the time to understand my problem properly and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand, making the whole process smooth and worry free.

I am very impressed with Jolee's professionalism and quality of service. Her friendly and helpful attitude made the whole experience even better. I highly recommend contacting her if you ever have technical issues or questions that need to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Big thanks to Jolee and the support team for the amazing help! I am truly grateful and will definitely turn to them again if I need help in the future.

2 months usando a aplicação
11 de julho de 2023

Was actually surprised how quickly I was contacted by an agent, Carman, who informed me he'll be taking care of my account, and I must say, the response time was great, as was attention to every question I had to ask them. Really appreciate any help I can find with this platform, but having some one who actually looking to help you is just awesome. Great platform and service. Thank you, Carman.

Estados Unidos
3 months usando a aplicação
17 de agosto de 2023

CJ has been pretty easy to use, although the site is a little outdated and slow but overall Ive had a good experience with it. Their customer service is awesome. Angel has been really great and very patient with me asking a million questions. She's been very thorough and helped explain things in an easy to understand way which I appreciate. Especially being a new business owner and just starting to deal with ecommerce and inventory. It can be overwhelming but she has made the experience better for me. Thanks Angel!

Frankie and June
Estados Unidos
18 days usando a aplicação
15 de julho de 2023

Was actually surprised how quickly I was contacted by an agent, Lydia , who informed me she'll be taking care of my account, and I must say, the response time was great, as was attention to every question I had to ask them. Really appreciate any help I can find with this platform, but having some one who actually looking to help you is just awesome. Great platform and service. Thank you, Lydia .

Inam khan
About 1 month usando a aplicação
28 de junho de 2023

I highly recommend CJ Dropshipping over other sourcing platforms due to its ease of use when fulfilling a large number of orders and its faster shipping options. However the main benefit is the agents who help with any problem or enquiry you have. For this reason I would also like to say a huge thank you to Skye, who has made the entire process of using CJ Dropshipping much easier. Whether it's sourcing and connecting products, contacting suppliers on my behalf or updating me on winning products, without her help I wouldn't have been able to scale my store as easily. Overall I have had no problems with CJ Dropshipping so 5* from me and thanks again to Skye for all of her help.

Reino Unido
About 1 year usando a aplicação