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Best dropshipping supplier and fulfillment service from China.

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Sourcing Request Free

You can post product sourcing requests to CJ. Our team will carefully review your request and identify if it is feasible.

Video Material for Marketing

CJ can shoot videos for your winning products so you can increase your conversion on ads campaign.

USA Warehouse Shipping

We have a nice USA warehouse and drop ship products directly from the USA warehouse.

Sobre CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping APP Features

  • Import products to your stores with just a few clicks
  • Free product sourcing service, and thousands of POD products
  • Sourcing from 1688 and Taobao directly

CJDropshipping Service

  • Easily list and source any products into your stores, normally price lower than Aliexpress, and thousands of POD products available
  • Convenient order fulfillment service, everything automatically syncs with your stores, CSV orders available too
  • As fast as same day processing, shipping from US warehouse directly to your US customers
  • Brand packing and insert available, quality control before dispatching, almost one by one checking
  • Track your orders anytime and make the delivery analysis
  • The team working with your team and almost 24/7 online support

How to Use CJDropshipping APP

  • Easily Import Products: import drop shipping products from our marketplace. After you find the product you want to import, just click the LIST button and change the price you want to sell, it is ready to be published in your store.
  • Connect Existing Products: connect products you’re already selling on your store to CJ APP. The system only generates orders that products have been connected from your store with CJ’s. You need not change listing on your store, our system will import orders automatically from your store.
  • Hide Your Business Secret: we will hide your business secret once you have top sellers that belong to you only. We will not tell our other customers the products, nor about the sales.
  • Post Sourcing Requests: if the products do not exist in our APP, you can post a sourcing request to us, and you will be able to list or connect it once the sourcing completes with success.
  • Fulfill Orders Automatically: to ship a product to your customer, just click “Add to Cart” and confirm the orders. Everything else is automatically done by CJDropshipping.
  • Bulk DropShipping Orders by EXCEL or COPY and PASTE: if you still like to use excel or CSV orders model, then you can use the Import Excel Orders button, there will be two options - upload EXCEL or COPY and PASTE. The system will calculate the amount itself, you will be able to download tracking numbers anytime you like.
  • Pre-order Inventory with CJDropshipping and US Warehouse Shipping: to keep a full inventory could improve your order processing speed. For stocked products, we can process them as fast as the same day. You can order inventory for the hot products with discounted price. Also, we have our own US warehouse for order processing.
  • Shipping Cost Calculation and Tracking: a free tool to calculate shipping prices for any available shipping methods. Know where your orders are at all times and make the delivery analysis for you.

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4.9 de 5 estrelas

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Avaliações mais recentes

The Gentlest Touch

Great people. Patient. Very helpful!!!!! I love how they helped me. They did not rush me. They answered every question.


Cj ist ein zuverlässiger Partner in jeglicher Hinsicht was E-Commerce betrifft. Vielen Dank an meinen Agent Estelle!

Frenchie Complex

Very poor service. Realistically speaking, only 35-40% of orders are delivered properly. When I say that, I mean: The process does not exceed 5-6 days. It is very long for the others.
Also, it REGULARLY happens that after 10 days of processing they just say “Out of Stock”. Very bad for us, they cover themselves while we quarrel with customers and lose them, as our reputation declines.
The other thing people need to know is that the Agent assigned to them by CJ can't help but look at the warrants, say what's going on, can he speed up the process? NO, it almost doesn't serve. And worst of all is when they write to you "This often happens in the DS" MA don't? And because you don't update your Stock products nicely, it says 40,000 in stock, and you say sold out. Funny and sad. To summarize: The processing is horrible. They always apologize and that's why only the customer service serves, to help in the right way? Hard
They do not update the camp regularly. Everything that is written on the site is not true.
They are only suitable for a start, later you have to get away from them or you will fail in the worst case.