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4 juni 2019

It does not change $ to my Local Currency that is PKR and I have to manually change all prices myself. :( Have switched off, not uninstalled yet, will see if you can offer a solution to the problem.

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Autoketing heeft geantwoord 4 juni 2019

Dear 7thShop,

We very sorry if you have the bad experience. I just check your site, it's working well with auto currency conversion and even the PRK. I created a ticket for your problem. Please check your email to see it.

Best regards,
Autoketing team

9 april 2019

Actually I do like this app based on what it does, and it's great that it's free with the geolocation function. You would have to pay other apps for it, but this app offers it already. The only problem is this app slowed down my page speed a lot and when I deleted it, it greatly improved. I wish they could do something to make it not affect my speed time.

Lasting Love Gifts
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Autoketing heeft geantwoord 9 april 2019

Dear Lasting Love Gifts,

We very sorry to hear that!
Our server is designed to meet the fastest requirements, but maybe due to some unexpected reasons, our support team will contact you as soon as possible to check this issue.

Thanks a lot!

10 december 2019

so, I went online looking for a currency converter app for my Shopify store and found this app. I read all the reviews and told myself to give it a try.
later on, I downloaded it and set it up which was pretty easy.
the problem I have is that when I went to my store to see if it was working and changed it to a foreign currency, it did not convert.
please i need an immediate reply because a lot of people have been asking about the currency converter to convert to their home currency.

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Autoketing heeft geantwoord 10 december 2019

Thanks for your feedback. We found that you haven't added code. Please add code.
We sent an email to support you. Please check it.
Kind regards
Autoketing team

31 december 2019

Three fixes required for this app:
1) Show AUD next to the $ to know what $ the price is in
2) Have the currency selector next to the price and not one of the 8 points around the page
3) Fix the checkout change to default currency

Active HIITs
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Autoketing heeft geantwoord 2 januari 2020

Thanks for your feedback. The 1st and 2nd request is in the paid plan.
We will improve the app for the 3rd request.
Kind regards
Autoketing team

25 juli 2019

Fairly easy to set up but looks tacky floating around on the screen ..of course they can anchor it and make it a good app but that is $10 a month ....paying $120 a year to anchor a flag icon ..nah i'll find better.

Apotheosis Training Performance
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Autoketing heeft geantwoord 25 juli 2019

Dear Apotheosis Training Performance,

Thank you for your review, if you need any support please let us know via email

Best regards!
Autoketing team