Facebook Custom Audience Sync

Facebook Custom Audience Sync

作成: Alexander Hupfer

Sync & Segment customer data to Facebook Custom Audiences

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Optimise FB Ads Targeting

Target your most valuable & loyal customers using RFM analysis. Create high ROI custom and lookalike audiences with customer segmentation.

Include historic customer data

Automatically sync all historic customer data with your custom audiences. Much more than a regular Facebook pixel.

Capture more customer data

Capture more customer data for retargeting than with Facebook Pixel and circumvent Ad-blockers.

Facebook Custom Audience Syncの詳細情報

Optimise Facebook Ads Targeting

This app automatically syncs your customer base to a selected Facebook Custom Audience. Sync your complete customer base or choose from predefined customer segments like RFM (your most frequent, valuable and loyal customers) to a Facebook custom audience.

Why is it better than a Facebook pixel?

  1. You can use a customer segmentation marketing strategy.
  2. Custom Audience Sync will also include historic customer data even before you installed a FB pixel. This way you can profit straight away from to full potential of your shop.
  3. A large fraction of browsers have Ad-blockers installed. Unlike this app, this means your Facebook pixel is stopped from what it's supposed to do. Therefore YOU WOULD LOOSE MONEY because you are not building the most effective custom audience.

How does it do it?

By moving Facebook customer matching entirely serverside. Your customer's browser does not communicate with Facebook therefore it cannot be blocked. A hash of the customer data is sent to Facebook an is matched against known Facebook accounts. Be aware that YOUR AD-ACCOUNT NEEDS TO BE IN GOOD STANDING AT FACEBOOK - otherwise Facebook does not allow you to do this (and the App cannot to its job)


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The Bobcat Mercantile

I was having issues segmenting customers with the app and the developer offered to reach out via email/phone to help me with the issue. We were able to hop on the phone and get it resolved and even had a couple feature suggestions get put into the app. Awesome app and will continue to use!