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16. lokakuu 2023

I'm paying 4.95 a month and have been waiting for about 3 weeks to hear back from support about my first request. Would NOT recommend. Absolute waste of time and money!

Chrono Select
Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
27 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
Adevole vastasi 25. marraskuu 2023

Extremely sorry for the inconvenience, I have gone ahead and issued you a refund. We had some personal issue due to which the support for this app was unavailable for some time. We are active now and would like to serve you again if you need help with anything.

30. lokakuu 2022

This is the app that I was looking for. Amazing support.
They are very responsive, very quick, and amazingly cost-effective. We had to customize our check-in page, and they just did it within a few hours. Impressive! They really deserve 5-star rating. I wish them success.

Yli vuosi sovelluksen käyttöä
1. marraskuu 2022

I used the app to fix a "liquid code" error that was showing up at the top of our homepage. The support was friendly and incredibly fast. The error was fixed within a few minutes and even for free (the first order is free).

Yli vuosi sovelluksen käyttöä
5. tammikuu 2023

Well done! Very good and fast support in case of errors. I had a problem with error in my shop, the developer fixed this in 15 minutes. Surely the App can do more!

Vuosi sovelluksen käyttöä
5. marraskuu 2022

The help i recieved was top notch and the people behind this app are definitly out there to help you out! Would 100% recommend. Thanks in advance already Vishwesh Shetty.

11 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
30. lokakuu 2022

App is really easy to use, simple to understand for anyone who wants to edit the CSS in their website, you can also watch real time changes when you input the CSS code, which is very good.
Great job guys.

11 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
Adevole vastasi 7. marraskuu 2022

Thank you for the review :). If you have any other task feel free to reach out to us. We offer unlimited theme edits at just @49/mo.

18. lokakuu 2022

I used this app for several tasks I needed done with my Shopify shop - for both practical/technical and esthetical tasks. I couldn’t be more pleased! I got tremendous help by an expert named Vishwesh Shetty. Not only they work fast, they are very helpful and explain you every step through the process. It was so easy to work with them - I just described what I wanted done by email - and they did it! It was so much easier than I expected. I highly recommend them for anyone that need to get it done – small as big tasks!

10 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
Adevole vastasi 28. lokakuu 2022

Thank you for the review! It has been an amazing experience working with you. Excited to work on new tasks.

3. marraskuu 2022

We used for an quick change on our website and they did within couple of hours. Highly recommended for affordable theme edit services

Dhruv Kapoor
9 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
6. huhtikuu 2023

This app offers so many eye-catching and interesting little widgets you can add to your store, which are easy to configure and work really well. The best part of this app, however -- the true value -- is the dev team behind it. They are so kind and accomodating, the couple of times I've had questions or requests, they have responded within a few minutes and resolved my issue to my absolute satisfaction. Kudos to Vishwesh for being the superhero that he is! This app is more than worth it.

The Knickknack Shack by Darthside LLC
8 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
31. lokakuu 2022

I was looking for the solution to do dynamic changes at my store and I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet. Then the designer of this app contacted me and made changes that I requested quickly and 100% of what I was describing. I can't recommend it more, 100% professional work. I'm very happy with the result. If you are looking for custom solutions this is what you should be looking for.

7 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä