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Muokattu 14. heinäkuu 2023

What a great app and service. It is like having your personal dev for any small tasks. Fast and fairly priced. I wish I had known about this app earlier. Thank you, Vishwesh!

UPDATE - Unfortunately, Vish became less and less responsible over time, to the point of ignoring my last emails. I paid $49 monthly for each of our three stores so he could help me with any customizations, but he lost interest over time. It seems our initial arrangement (probably when he had way fewer people in the app) was not good for him anymore, hence downgrading my review to three stars for the lack of professionalism (I keep paying the sub for nothing until cancelation, which happens today). About the app, I tried about 3-4 sections, and 2 of them were broken, but he said he would fix them. Not sure if that happened.

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