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Great app and customer service were helpful. Just don't delete the theme that is used for the image storage!

Sun Bum

Loved this app and it worked great when we initially setup our store. But unfortunately Shopify Store 2.0 (metatags) will most likely remove the relevance of this app.

Bonifyが返信しました 2021年8月25日

You may be surprised by this, but we're actually really excited for Online Store 2.0 and the Metafields updates. Keep an eye out for update announcements on our end regarding the future of the app, how it integrates with Online Store 2.0, and how it uses the updated Metafields API!

The updates made it possible to add a deeper and more meaningful integration with the Theme Editor than we could do in the past. Using the app, Merchants will be able to create multiple (separate) Custom Fields Sections that use our Widget system right from the Editor, and Custom Fields Blocks so merchants can place formatted field data directly inside of areas like the product description. These two features have always been highly requested in one form or another. Our support team handles many custom placement requests like these every week, and OS 2.0 allows merchants to do them easily on their own, which is a huge win.

The new Metafield definitions system creates standardization and allows for a more consistent editing experience for merchants across all apps. The old system was subject to all sorts of frustrating issues for us and merchants. In context editing gives us hope that we might be able to retire our Chrome Extension some day too. All good things. :)

All in all, we believe that the OS 2.0 update and API updates added functionality that was expected by merchants to begin with, or features desperately needed by theme and app developers, like real file fields with a true file API, but there are many, many features of this app that will remain relevant and useful to merchants and developers as OS 2.0 evolves.


I have been using this for 6 months now and love the app. I am having issues with the size of the tab boxes though. They seem to be really slim and all the way to the right. Is there any way to make it wider? If you need more clarification, let me know. Thanks!

Protector Capital
Bonifyが返信しました 2021年6月26日

Sorry to hear you're having some trouble. Sometimes a theme can override the intended design of tabs and some customization is needed to correct it. Shoot us a support ticket and the team will work with you to get it sorted out on Monday. :) From the Shopify admin click on Apps in the left sidebar then next to the Custom Fields app in the list, click Get Support and let us know the details of the issue.


The best metafield editor I've tested. Only downside - it's really slow and glitchy on files of 1000 lines or more, so I have to break down my imports into multiple go's. Other than that - it's super handy.


The best metafield editor I've tested. Only downside - it's really slow and glitchy on files of 1000 lines or more, so I have to break down my imports into multiple go's. Other than that - it's super handy.

Bonifyが返信しました 2021年3月1日

Thank you for your honest review!

We'll be reaching out to you directly to learn more about your issues with importing so that we can better understand any glitches you encountered and work towards addressing them.

Generally speaking, the speed of imports is severely throttled to work within Shopify's API limits for apps, making truly fast imports basically impossible without redundantly storing merchant data in our system, which we are very reluctant to do. There still may be ways to improve efficiency in the future, but we'll always have some substantial limiting factors to work around, unfortunately.


So far so good. Does just what it says and support has been responsive. I will continue to use this app and update with any changes to this review. Thanks!

Dakota Stones

Overall, a great app with stellar support. The Bulk Edit scenarios work but have some caveats you will want to be aware of. But it appears to meet our needs.

Fly Fish Food

Designed by programmers who are "modern" GUI designers. Orange colors, graphics are a bit oversize and clown-like, but it does everything it claims to do very well. As an old-school programmer, once you get past the graphics it is a more useful tool than the competitors. I like the ability to create a GUI to edit metafields. Works well for me, but tough to train end-users. All and all a good app that does what it claims.

CO2 Meter