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Hands down the best app for adding custom fields for any type of data. The support is fantastic and they have another app called Mr. Arigato for automation.

Don't hesitate, if you need custom fields for any reason, give them the first chance. I have worked with many apps over the years and they have all the features with the support needed to get the most out of it.


This is perfect for adding, maintaining and customizing additional data for the numerous Shopify elements. Support is quick and has always been helpful.

Xtend-Life Natural Products

Kenny And Patrick were extremely helpful and did their best to successfully answer any questions I had. Even if my questions were tough to decipher. Thanks again!


I am using Custom Fields for product options and variants and it works well. I will be using it again to create tabs for my product pages.

Organic Bamboo Bedding

Great customer support from the team. They helped me migrate my setup to our new theme in good time even when we are on a free account. Awesome service.

The Calzone Kitchen

This is a great app that has great support, i would recommend this to anyone needing those extra fields.

Bright Nite

Been using this app for quite some time. It works pretty good and the support is quick to reply and helpful.

dansk farmaceutisk industri a-s

Seriously - this app must be the best kept secret in the shopify apps store. Why didn't I know about this sooner?! This app is EXTREMELY powerful. The ability to add extra details to specific product pages, and in bulk... I think I'm in love.

Indoor Fitness Direct

I am setting up my store and at the time of writing this am going live pretty soon. I have a fulfilment email I have set up and wanted to include some of the product detail in this email. The problem was there was a lot of extra information which was unrelated to the particular product detail I wanted to include and would have made my fulfilment email twice as long and very cluttered. As you will know, on the Shopify product page you get a description box and everything has to go in this. So I needed a way to split up the information into different sections or fields. Custom Fields has worked very well for this.

One of the reasons I was attracted to Custom Fields was because of the automatic install. As I found out, not all themes are compatible though. My theme did not install automatically. Kenny in support was very quick to help and installed it for me. The support is normal office hours (not 24 hr) which I believe is a time zone in the USA.

Because it was a manual installation – it meant that if I created some fields in other sections to the one support installed, that there was a small amount of code – basically one line, that needed to be cut and paste into a liquid file – which is quite easy. It took me a while to get my head around what was going on and the files that were involved. Kenny was always helping me out so I got there. Kenny has told me that within a few weeks or so there is a new upgraded version coming out which will allow new installations to work whatever the theme.

Now (after setting up my new fields in Custom Fields) on the product page I have the original product description Shopify field, plus another 3 fields that I have generated with Custom Fields. Two of these are global, which means they apply the text fields I have set up to all my product pages simultaneously. Now when I set up a new product I can add a little info in the product description and the 2 global sections get added automatically - which saves me cutting and pasting the info in every time. Also it means that if I would like to change that information, I can do it in one place, and immediately it will update all of my product pages.

The 3rd field I have created is more specific to the type of product and describes the details for that type. This I would like to set up with fields for each different type – then when adding a new product on a product page I would link the specific field from the Custom Fields app and it will display all the details I already set up (– although I am limited to 10 fields in the free version).

I understand that this will be even quicker in the future upgrade - sometime in October 2020. My belief is that I could then have a field for each product type as before, but it could be set up to apply itself to all the product pages within a selected collection. That way every time I create a new product page, I would just have to assign the product into a collection and the appropriate custom field would display automatically on the page. I would not have to go into the Custom Field app and link up the product page to the field, it would just know this due to the product being in a certain collection and therefore be even more automated.

I am just using simple text fields here, and there are many other fields and other functionality available so I have only scratched the surface.

One thing to say on the free version is that there is a list-field that you can use and the help section gives you the impression you can use this to display bulled text lists. To let you know – this is not the case – you cannot create a bullet style list, but does allow drop down lists for selections or via radio buttons etc. If you have the next version up then you are able to create lists and more.

So yes this works very well for me, I am very pleased. It has given me the ability to split up information into specific sections. It has allowed a lot of automation and an easy way to change information that is displayed on multiple pages. The support has been very good and I am looking forward to the new upgrade. I am using the free version at this time and it gives me what I need for the moment with some added bonuses I have discovered.

I have looked briefly at some other similar apps and this does seem to be one of the best if not the best.

I think the Custom Fields people are helping Shopify users out with this free version offering some great functionality and then as in my case as I get my store going and hopefully be profitable, then I can look at how to improve my store. With Custom Fields it is already installed so I am likely to go for the upgrade. It's a win win.

Many thanks to the team for the app and offering the free version.


Love this app - easy to use and very helpful. Still exploring all of the functions - there are many. Would recommend you use this especially if you converted from Magento.