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21. August 2023

In theory this app is really nice and exactly what we need to sell our more complex products. BUT .. there are limitations and massive problems with our checkout caused by the app.

What did we do? We want to sell wooden products made to measure via our new shop and after some research we found this app and on paper the match is perfect. After implementing it we came across some issues and I want to explain two of them in more detail:

1. Pictures - the app doesn't allow or better only allows to assign one specific picture per variant which is showing up after clicking. Our problem - we need several pictures to explain more about the complex products. But since we can only assign one per variant AND the regular shopify product pictures from the product itself are not compatible with the app, we are really limited.

We literally exchanged like dozens of emails over a course of months related to this topic. After a video meeting they offered to customize it for us but in the end that was not possible.

My biggest complain here - why not be honest straight ahead and don't communicate like it's no big deal. We literally wasted a lot of ressources on this matter by communicating, creating pictures and so on.

2. Checkout - SUPER ANNOYING
After finishing everything up and checking the whole shop in detail we came across some weird behavior in the checkout of our shop. In some browsers and with a certain behavior there are different problems. For example products are priced for free or with 0 - in short not ready to go live at all... After some digging we could say for sure that it was due to the app causing some conflict with our theme (which was created by a shopify expert from the shopify expert area).

The support of the app was fast in response as always BUT this is going on for a few weeks now. The support of the app confirmed that it was the app and told us SEVERAL times now they fixed the problem. We then check it and see the same problems over and over again - and now we are starting to wonder: what are you fixing and are you actually checking what you are doing?

In summary - we still couldn't start our shop which we invested heavily in.

I don't like to write bad reviews but my hope here is that this matter will be resolved shortly and to inform others about potential problems, please be careful.

5 monate mit der App
23. Juli 2023

Very Very bad customer service!!!!!! i am trying to reach them our from past 1 week but they are giving responses after 1 or 2 days!! i want to have this app on my shopify store but i seek help and no help is given at all, they are not even giving a specific time so that i can sit and resolve my issue in one go!!!!

7 tage mit der App
ApiPPA hat geantwortet 9. August 2023

We deeply regret the challenges you've encountered regarding our customer service. Your frustration is entirely valid, and I apologize for any disruptions this situation may have caused. Your feedback is highly regarded, and we are taking this issue seriously.

We are fully dedicated to enhancing our response times and ensuring you receive the necessary support to successfully integrate the app into your Shopify store. We have been attempting to reach out to you through email and chat to address these concerns. Kindly respond to our messages so that we can work together to resolve these issues promptly. Your satisfaction is our priority.

21. November 2022

At first sight this app seemed promising, but after a couple of months' use I must conclude that it is simply not reliable. From time to time the calculator has given our customers false (too low) prices - so we lose money on the orders. In total we have lost more than $3,000 on prices calculated too low!! Do yourself a favor and choose another calculator app.

11 monate mit der App
ApiPPA hat geantwortet 22. November 2022

We are very sorry to hear about your experience and we have contacted you so we can work together to see how we can fix this situation.

24. Juli 2023

The calculator app's embedded function falls short of expectations. It lacks integration with other apps and cannot be translated, hindering user experience. Technical support's response to the issue was unsatisfactory, advising to use Google Translator on Google Chrome instead. Overall, a frustrating experience, and I rate it 1 out of 5 stars.

5 tage mit der App
ApiPPA hat geantwortet 9. August 2023

We deeply regret that our embedded calculator app did not meet your expectations and fell short in terms of integration with other apps and translation capabilities. We understand how crucial these features are for a smooth user experience. Your frustration is entirely valid.

We apologize for the unsatisfactory response you received from our technical support team. Their suggestion to use Google Translator on Google Chrome is not a proper solution and doesn't address the core issues you're facing.

Your feedback is essential to us, and we're committed to improving our app and support services. We apologize for the inconvenience you've encountered and appreciate your honest assessment. We are actively working to address these concerns and ensure a better experience for all users. If there's anything specific you'd like to share or discuss further, please don't hesitate to reach out.

9. Januar 2023

Teribble, the app stops working I saved and refreshed because the app stoped and my calculator disapered

25 minuten mit der App
ApiPPA hat geantwortet 14. Februar 2023

Hello, we have been trying to contact you to understand your issue and work through it together. Could you please email us at ?

Thank you!